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Look­ing for an­other old-school top-down ac­tion RPG with pretty pix­els? Moon­lighter does the job rather ad­mirably. But for­get ad­ven­tur­ing; it’s your pro­tag­o­nist’s other hum­ble pro­fes­sion that will hook you in. As the game’s mer­chant, the pur­pose be­hind your dun­geon-crawl­ing is to grab what­ever loot you can carry so you can sell it in your shop. With no clue as to the items’ value, it’s up to you to set the prices. This be­comes an ut­terly com­pelling process as you gauge your cus­tomers’ moods and work out whether they think your price tag is right, ex­tor­tion­ate, or a bar­gain. The beauty of it is that you can tweak the prices in real-time be­fore sell­ing a whole stack, then sneak­ily raise the price as that cash regis­ter chimes. All this is to give you the funds to keep fight­ing in the dun­geons, as money talks else­where. You’ll want to craft bet­ter gear and po­tions in or­der to take on tougher en­e­mies, who drop more valu­able loot, which you can sell for even more ex­pen­sive up­grades. And so this loop goes, un­leash­ing your in­ner cap­i­tal­ist.2 Moon­lighter might not have any­thing close to, say, The Bind­ing Of Isaac in terms of re­play value. But you def­i­nitely won’t want to give up the day job.

Alan Wen

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