BlazBlue: Cross Tag Bat­tle

“Don’t think. Feel.” PC, PS4, SWITCH | $49.95 ARCSYSTEMWORKS.COM

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Mash­ing to­gether wellloved char­ac­ters from BlazBlue, Per­sona 4 Arena, Un­der Night In-Birth, and RWBY, this 2v2 fighter prays you love its ros­ter, be­cause be­hind the yap­ping sound­bites and daz­zling vi­su­als is a sim­ple brawler. If you loved the tag team nu­ance of Dragon Ball FighterZ, or the me­ter man­age­ment and pres­sur­ing of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, then you’ll find Cross Tag Bat­tle want­ing. This a stripped­back take on Arc Sys­tem Works’ other se­ries, one that puts spec­ta­cle ahead of depth. It’s not with­out its sys­tems, how­ever, as you can per­form team at­tacks, ac­ti­vate me­terbleed­ing Dis­tor­tion moves, and launch into Ex­tra com­bos. They’re all done at the tap of a sin­gle but­ton or quar­ter cir­cle, and all char­ac­ters fea­ture the same sim­plis­tic combo com­mands re­gard­less of style. Cross Tag Bat­tle de­liv­ers finely bal­anced, fast fights; it’s a per­fect en­try if you’re new to the chaos of anime fight­ers. Each char­ac­ter is beau­ti­fully an­i­mated, moves clash with vi­brant colour, and fans will cer­tainly find value in team­ing up their favourites. Yet Cross Tag Bat­tle finds a way to punch it­self in the face: half the ros­ter is miss­ing, and will only be avail­able as paid­for DLC. That’s not the fan ser­vice you may have ex­pected.

Luke Kemp

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