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MORE OF­TEN than not, pieces of fur­ni­ture are made up of sev­eral pieces of ma­te­ri­als all de­signed, cut, en­gi­neered and formed to fit into one co­her­ent whole. The Eco­nom­i­cal Chair by Korean prod­uct de­signer Se­ungji Mun is a unique project in the sense that it is made out of a sin­gle piece of ma­te­rial with noth­ing left over or scrapped.

The Eco­nom­i­cal Chair is de­signed to re­duce in­dus­trial waste by mak­ing use of ev­ery inch of a sin­gle piece of 4’ x 8′ in­ter­na­tional stan­dard ply­wood with no ma­te­rial loss. The sim­ple yet el­e­gant de­sign of the chair al­lows for four chairs to be made out of the piece of ply­wood with­out scrap­ping any bit of the ma­te­rial.

The chair is made out of a square piece of ply­wood for the back­rest that curves un­der a sec­ond rec­tan­gu­lar piece that serves as the seat. The legs of the chair are made out of two long pieces curved ac­cord­ingly to cre­ate proper sup­port. All the pieces of ply­wood are curved through a ply­wood bend­ing tech­nique.

The Eco­nom­i­cal Chair is the sec­ond model in the de­signer’s Four Brothers project, which aims to re­duce in­dus­trial waste. The Four Brothers col­lec­tion con­sists of four uniquely-de­signed chairs that are also pro­duced from a sin­gle piece of wooden plate. Each chair has a dif­fer­ent aes­thetic but all four can be pro­duced from a sin­gle piece of wood. The project aims to make mass pro­duc­tion of the chairs sim­ple, low-cost and with­out wastage of ma­te­ri­als.

Se­ungji Mun stud­ied prod­uct and fur­ni­ture de­sign at Kay­won School of Art and De­sign in South Korea. He is only one of many de­sign­ers who are also work­ing to­ward cre­at­ing eco-friendly fur­ni­ture that not only min­i­mize or elim­i­nate in­dus­trial waste, but also use ma­te­ri­als that are en­vi­ron­ment-friendly and/or biodegrad­able. Ear­lier this year, we were in­tro­duced to de­signer Jean Louis Irat­zoki’s Kuskoa Bi Chair, which is the first bio-based biodegrad­able chair in the mar­ket.

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