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The Edger BioVi­sion sys­tem is tasked with pri­mar­ily de­tect­ing wane, knots, resin and bark pock­ets. The main chal­lenge for USNR was de­vel­op­ing the shop optimization (cut­tings al­go­rithms) for some of the prod­ucts to com­ply with NZS 3631 grad­ing stan­dards. The cut­tings anal­y­sis re­quires a lot of com­put­ing power to an­a­lyze all the pos­si­ble com­bi­na­tions, thus 3 com­put­ers work si­mul­ta­ne­ously on each piece to en­sure the op­ti­mum so­lu­tion to max­i­mize value. Bob Arnold, USNR Sawmill Grad­ing Sys­tem Man­ager, ex­plains: “To en­sure the best so­lu­tion pos­si­ble we opted for mul­ti­ple op­ti­miz­ers. Each one does a sub­set of the to­tal so­lu­tion skew at­tempts, and con­trib­utes the value of the so­lu­tion at each of those skews. The main op­ti­mizer then as­sesses all the so­lu­tions put for­ward and de­cides which pro­vides the most value, then sends the ma­chine set to the PLC to im­ple­ment the so­lu­tion at the edger.” A pre­cur­sor to the Tenon sys­tem was the Edger BioVi­sion sys­tem de­vel­oped for Ev­er­green For­est, USNR’s first sys­tem grad­ing for shop and mould­ing on Pon­derosa Pine. Bob said: “For Ev­er­green we de­vel­oped the mul­ti­op­ti­miza­tion com­puter strat­egy to al­low so­lu­tion gen­er­a­tion for optimization us­ing cut­tings anal­y­sis.”

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