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AN AREA of ma­jor con­cern for builders is en­sur­ing the build­ing prod­ucts they use in the con­struc­tion of a dwelling meets the de­sired de­sign cri­te­ria for which they are in­tended. Us­ing the wrong or an un­der­rated prod­uct of­ten re­sults in re-work be­ing or­dered by build­ing au­thor­i­ties and can be a ma­jor threat to a builder’s fi­nan­cial sta­bil­ity and long term rep­u­ta­tion.

One way builders can be cer­tain that they are not com­pro­mis­ing the struc­tural in­tegrity of their job is by in­sist­ing on us­ing only En­gi­neered Build­ing Prod­ucts. Rep­utable sup­pli­ers sup­port their prod­ucts with tech­ni­cal data sheets and can pro­vide engi­neer­ing as­sis­tance should they be re­quired to sub­stan­ti­ate their work at a later date.

MiTek Aus­tralia has a huge range of EBPs, made to an­swer spe­cific on­site needs. There’s ev­ery­thing from Brac­ing prod­ucts to Girder Brack­ets, Hang­ers, Roof TieDowns, Small Fas­ten­ers, Wall Frame Ties…even Stain­less Steel and Spe­cial Struc­tural Prod­ucts.

All are de­signed, en­gi­neered and man­u­fac­tured to ISO9001 Stan­dard and are rig­or­ously tested and retested to en­sure they pass and in most cases, ex­ceed Aus­tralian Stan­dards. In fact, all MiTek EBPs com­ply with the Na­tional Con­struc­tion Code Se­ries and Aus­tralian Stan­dards.

Plus, to make se­lect­ing the right prod­uct for the right ap­pli­ca­tion easy, MiTek have pro­duced the handy MiTek GUIDE Edi­tion 2. This in­cludes: Load­ing Code AS/ NZS 1170, plus it com­plies with the BCA 2010. Pages in the MiTek GUIDE Edi­tion 2 are colour-coded and in­clude de­tailed pro­ductby-prod­uct il­lus­tra­tions for easy, ac­cu­rate ref­er­ence to a huge range of EBPs.

The MiTek GUIDE Edi­tion 2 takes all the guess­work out of choos­ing build­ing prod­ucts for spe­cific uses. It will as­sist in the in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Aus­tralian Stan­dards AS 1684.2 ‘Res­i­den­tial Tim­ber-Framed Con­struc­tion’ and AS 4440. ‘In­stal­la­tion of nail plated roof trusses.’ The MiTek GUIDE will also help users choose the right fas­ten­ers and brac­ing prod­ucts to com­ply with these stan­dards. Plus, should a query be raised at a later date, there’s com­fort in know­ing you’ve used the MiTek GUIDE Edi­tion 2 to en­sure you’ve com­plied with the cor­rect engi­neer­ing re­quire­ments.

There’s also MiTek’s EasyCat App. This is prob­a­bly the most im­por­tant tool a builder or cer­ti­fier can take on­site. MiTek’s FREE EasyCat App is an elec­tronic cat­a­logue of En­gi­neered Build­ing Prod­ucts (EBPs) pro­duced by MiTek Aus­tralia. It con­tains the lat­est data sheets and, where ap­pli­ca­ble, links to short, in­struc­tional videos demon­strat­ing cor­rect in­stal­la­tion of EBPs.

The EasyCat App is easy to nav­i­gate, al­low­ing the user to find facts fast with a ‘search’ fea­ture – plus the abil­ity to go straight to a ‘favourites’ sec­tion. EBPs are bro­ken down into groups ie: Brac­ing, Girder Brack­ets, Roof Ties… and more. Hav­ing a ready-ref­er­ence, handy, on-site tool like the MiTek EasyCat App makes so much sense. It gives you peace-of-mind you are us­ing the right EBP for the right ap­pli­ca­tion. The best thing though: the MiTek EasyCat App is FREE; with reg­u­lar up­dates (as prod­ucts and/or Aus­tralian Stan­dards change)…will also be FREE.

MiTek’s EasyCat App can be down­loaded from the Mac App Store or the Google Play store so it works on both Mac and An­droid de­vices.

MiTek GUIDE Edi­tion 2 (also FREE) comes in printed form...or can even be down­loaded from the MiTek web site. Ev­ery­one in­volved in the de­sign or con­struc­tion of build­ings should have a copy of the MiTek GUIDE…and EasyCat App.

So, with both of these handy, easy to ac­cess ref­er­ence guides there’s no ex­cuse for us­ing the wrong… or in­cor­rectly in­stalled Engi­neer­ing Build­ing Prod­uct.


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