Ac­tual size is trump card in US tim­ber bat­tle

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Any­body who’s ever bought tim­ber knows that a 2×4 isn’t a 2×4, a 1×6 isn’t a 1×6, and a 4×4 isn’t a 4×4. “Any­body who’s in the trades or con­struc­tion knows that,” says Tim Stich, a car­pen­try in­struc­tor at Mil­wau­kee Area Tech­ni­cal Col­lege. Lawyers are not in the trade or con­struc­tion busi­ness, how­ever. They’re in the law­suit busi­ness, which is why Me­nard’s and Home De­pot are be­ing sued for de­cep­tive advertising. A Chicago law firm has filed suits seek­ing $5 mil­lion be­cause 4x4s aren’t be­ing ad­ver­tised as 3 1/2 x 3 1/2. The suit says cus­tomers are be­ing charged full price while get­ting 23% less lum­ber.

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