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Australian Custom Trucks - - NEWS - - Tony Mur­ray and his part­ner Julie have to­tally cus­tomised a 1948 Chevy

Alu­minium mud guards were cus­tom made to fit the tyres. The alu­minium fuel tanks needed to be built around the leaf spring sus­pen­sion on the rear. The front sus­pen­sion is air sus­pen­sion, hid­den con­trol valves in one of the panel sec­tions which has been con­verted into stor­age boxes. The op­po­site stor­age box on the other side of the cab houses the air fil­ter and the bat­tery. A fur­ther stor­age com­part­ment in the rear has been de­signed to house a tool box. Tony says a diesel power plant dif­fered from big block en­gines he had in is other rods that needed LPG con­ver­sions to keep fuel costs down. “The diesel was the only op­tion for me,” he says. The en­gine in ques­tion is a 6.6 litre Chev Duramax that came from a 2008 Sil­ver­ado. It is equipped with a turbo and elec­tronic fuel in­jec­tion live ad­justable tun­ing. This al­lows it to be di­alled up to 450 horse­power. He mod­i­fied the throt­tle body mount and repo­si­tioned it to the cen­tre of the floor tun­nel. The en­gine is mar­ried to an Ali­son six speed au­to­matic us­ing a Com­modore shifter. The frame sup­port­ing the cab comes from a 1987 Chevy short wheel based C30 sin­gle wheel truck with its length re­duced even fur­ther. The rear has been cut back to the spring hanger and a new 4mm folded plate cross­mem­ber was in­stalled. The front of the frame was also short­ened and mod­i­fied. Another cross­mem­ber was in­stalled and side plates were in­stalled to mount the power steer­ing unit. The power steer­ing came from a Ford F350. Another later nar­row model Chevy C30 was used to cre­ate the rear and the front end as well as pro­vid­ing the vented disc brakes for the front and drum brakes for the rear. The orig­i­nal spin­dles were re­placed by those from a crew cab. Tony also fit­ted new cross­mem­bers for the en­gine and trans­mis­sion mounts. The ex­te­rior and un­der the hood is im­pres­sive but Tony has also spent a great deal of ef­fort on the in­te­rior. He says he re­moved the ash­tray and glove box and re­placed it with the right hand drive in­stru­ment clus­ter sec­tion in its place. A cen­tre con­sole has an up­per and lower con­sole

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