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Australian Custom Trucks - - NEWS - - Alice Mabin em­barks on a mas­sive odessey

Au­thor and pho­tog­ra­pher Alice Mabin is about to weave her story telling magic once again with a new pro­ject des­tined to en­cap­su­late the essence of Aus­tralia’s truck­ing cul­ture. Alice found suc­cess with her best seller ‘The Drover’ which pro­vided a beau­ti­ful mo­mento of the his­toric cat­tle drive of 18,000 head through two states, that hap­pened in 2013-2014, now she plans to cre­ate an equally mov­ing trib­ute to the trans­port in­dus­try. Aus­tralian Cus­tom Trucks took the op­por­tu­nity to ask Alice some ques­tions on why she is do­ing what she is do­ing. Q. What made you de­cide to write a book about truck­ing? As the signs say: With­out trucks, Aus­tralia Stops! How­ever, I be­lieve the in­dus­try is still un­der recog­nised for the role it plays in ev­ery Aus­tralian’s life. I am try­ing to reach as far and wide as pos­si­ble within the truck­ing in­dus­try to let com­pa­nies, busi­nesses and driv­ers know of my pro­ject and to get them to con­tact me with their great sto­ries to be in­volved. Trucks! Well I have no back­ground in truck­ing, my dad was not a truck driver, nor was my grand­fa­ther or any­one in my fam­ily for that fact! But I do a lot of driv­ing and there is a lot of time to think while you are driv­ing….. I wanted to do another book be­cause I have a dis­tri­bu­tion chan­nel that I have worked re­ally hard for and I know how to do a book now so it made sense to do another. I was driv­ing along the high­way one day and there were a heap of trucks and I got to think­ing that, if it wasn’t for trucks, Aus­tralia would not be able to op­er­ate the way it does. We would not have fuel, food and any other com­mod­ity in the mid­dle of Aus­tralia or any other re­mote town on this great rock! If trucks stopped for a week, this coun­try would fall apart.i set about do­ing some re­search on it and found there was noth­ing sim­i­lar to my idea out there and the few truck driv­ers I spoke to said it would be a hit with truck­ies. Truck driv­ers get a bad wrap for go­ing too fast or go­ing to slow or be­ing in­tim­i­dat­ing on the road. But I think the gen­eral public takes for granted how im­por­tant the in­dus­try is and is very un­aware of what they do to keep so­ci­ety run­ning. They also need to be made aware of the stats for a truck V’s a car and un­der­stand that they can’t pull up as quickly as a car! I want to recog­nise as many of the driv­ers and com­pa­nies as I can for their ef­forts and to help bridge the un­der­stand­ing be­tween gen­eral so­ci­ety and the truck­ing in­dus­try and what they do for this coun­try. I have de­vel­oped this great love for trucks, and I am learn­ing lot of the lingo and trucker talk so I don’t seem like a fish out of wa­ter when I talk on the two way or to truck­ers on the side of the road. I am even get­ting pretty good at pick­ing the dif­fer­ent

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