Aussie Quick-Prime QP402 a real wa­ter winner

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RE­CENT rain means farm­ers are look­ing to max­imise wa­ter stor­age with care­ful dam man­age­ment. With drought con­di­tions set to con­tinue across east­ern Aus­tralia, re­li­able, fuel ef­fi­cient wa­ter trans­fer pumps are es­sen­tial. Aus­tralian Pump In­dus­tries' big QP402 four-inch wa­ter mover has proven it­self as the farm­ers' ‘Drought Buster'. The Aussie Quick-Prime QP402 of­fers huge flows of up to 1800 litres per minute and heads of up to 28m. The pumps will self­prime from a huge 8.4m di­rect lift, en­abling suc­tion from dams, wells and creeks. Re­cent on-farm tests demon­strated the pump prim­ing from a 3m lift in less than thirty sec­onds. Af­ter pro­longed dry pe­ri­ods the amount of run off may be more than can be stored. Once a wa­ter tank or dam fills, the wa­ter can't be cap­tured and over­flows back into the en­vi­ron­ment. “The QP402 is de­signed for high flow trans­fer. Even a small amount of rain can over­flow a turkey nest dam re­ally quickly," Adam Scully from Aussie Pumps said. "This big pump can trans­fer the wa­ter across fast, pre­vent­ing over­spill and wastage. You don't waste a drop.” Dur­ing times of drought and in­ter­mit­tent rain­fall it is im­por­tant to mon­i­tor the qual­ity of wa­ter re­tained. Eva­po­ra­tion may in­crease the con­cen­tra­tion of salts, whilst a flush of wa­ter may in­crease ma­nure or fer­tiliser runoff mak­ing it un­us­able for stock wa­ter­ing. It may be nec­es­sary to trans­fer the wa­ter for stock use di­rectly from a tank or wa­ter tanker. The QP402 is a high flow pump that can be used to draught wa­ter from farm wa­ter source or tanker. Pow­ered by a gen­uine Honda petrol en­gine, the pump of­fers farm­ers low fuel con­sump­tion and max­i­mum pump per­for­mance. Op­tions in­clude 8hp up to 13hp ver­sions with re­coil or elec­tric start. The QP402, in its base con­fig­u­ra­tion, comes with heavy duty cast iron im­peller and vo­lute. The im­peller has large open vanes to al­low spher­i­cal solids to pass straight through the pump with­out dam­age. A heavy duty me­chan­i­cal seal is stan­dard equip­ment. Like all of Aussie's big three inch and four inch trans­fer pumps, the QP402 comes in a heavy duty roll frame with anti-vi­bra­tion mounts. A free four inch cou­pling and strainer kit is also pro­vided with ev­ery pump. The pump body com­po­nents are made from high grade marine alu­minium en­sur­ing long life. The Aussie QP402 has Aus­tralian Pump In­dus­tries' unique, fiveyear pump end war­ranty. "We know we have the best, most re­li­able, pump out there so we put our money where our mouth is," Mr Scully said. "We're proud of our pumps! End users can buy an Aussie Pump with con­fi­dence. We have also de­vel­oped high pres­sure kits to suit the QP402.” “For ex­am­ple, we can change the im­peller and vo­lute for a high pres­sure set that gives heads of up to 70 me­tres. That's al­most 100 psi!”

The ver­sa­tile Aussie QP402 ‘Drought Buster' is suitable for any­where need­ing high vol­ume wa­ter trans­fer. It can be used for fast fill tanker ap­pli­ca­tions, tanker bat­ter spray, flood ir­ri­ga­tion and de­wa­ter­ing. Other on-farm ap­pli­ca­tions in­clude dust sup­pres­sion and wash and flush stock crate clean-out. • De­tails:

Hamish Lorenz, Fid­dle­town NSW, uses the big Aussie QP402 to shift wa­ter from dam to dam in an ef­fort to max­imise wa­ter stor­age with min­i­mum fuel costs.

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