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Australian Forests and Timber - - AUSTIMBER 2016 -

CLARK TRACKS Ltd, based in Dum­fries, Scot­land man­u­fac­tures a range of su­pe­rior for­est ma­chine tracks to suit all ter­rains and all ma­chine types and are avail­able through Aus­tralian agent B.A.Vic­cars.

With more than a quar­ter of a cen­tury of ex­pe­ri­ence, Clark Tracks has built a solid busi­ness based on durable prod­ucts and friendly cus­tomer ser­vice.

The range of tracks of­fered, goes from high flota­tion through to ag­gres­sive tracks de­signed for max­imis­ing grip climb­ing abil­ity. At the high-flota­tion end of the range, Clark Tracks of­fers the TXL, TXCL and Flota­tion ranges of tracks. “The TXL is the most ad­vanced high flota­tion tracks avail­able, pro­vid­ing ex­cel­lent soft ground ca­pa­bil­i­ties, low soil com­paction and dis­tur­bance and good trac­tion, an area where other high flota­tion tracks get stuck,” says Brian Vic­cars.

“At the other end of the track spec­trum, for max­imis­ing trac­tion, we of­fer our Grouzer track and two spe­cial vari­ants; Climb­ing Spe­cial (CS) and Climb­ing-X (CX). These su­per-ag­gres­sive tracks as­sist ma­chine to op­er­ate on steep and chal­leng­ing sites,” he said.

Clark Tracks also builds the ul­ti­mate allsea­son, multi-ter­rain range of tracks; Terra-85 and Terra-95. Terra-85 is suited to har­vesters and for­warders up to 15t pay­load. Terra-95 is suited to larger har­vesters and for­warders with 15t pay­loads or greater. Ad­di­tion­ally, for Large For­warders and 6 wheel skid­ders, Clark tracks of­fer the For­warder-X (FX) tracks, a spe­cial vari­ant of the Heavy Duty Terra-95 track.

“All Clark Tracks are built in Scot­land, us­ing the best qual­ity Euro­pean steel and com­po­nents to guar­an­tee per­for­mance and long work life,” said Brian.

Ran­dalls Equip­ment will have Clark tracks fit­ted on a Ponsse Ele­phant King, and Hi­tachi will have them fit­ted on a John Deere 1270 eight wheeler at AUSTim­ber.

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