New se­ries har­vesters boast more power and per­for­mance

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ECO LOG’S new­est gen­er­a­tion of 550, 560, 580 and 590 har­vesters (the E-se­ries), pow­ered by Volvo Penta D8 en­gines (from 218hp to 320hp) are char­ac­ter­ized by their high per­for­mance, re­li­a­bil­ity, fuel ef­fi­ciency, and low emis­sion lev­els in all types of ter­rain.

“The Volvo Penta diesel en­gines are built to be ver­sa­tile and have been de­vel­oped to sat­isfy forestry ap­pli­ca­tions with their low weight, com­pact de­signs, and easy in­stal­la­tion, mak­ing them per­fect to power the new Eco Log har­vester gen­er­a­tion,” says Jo­han Jak­t­man, prin­ci­pal of Scan­di­na­vian Forestry & En­gi­neer­ing, Aus­tralian dis­trib­u­tor of Eco Log prod­ucts.

“It’s im­por­tant to men­tion that Eco Log and MTU (Mercedes) re­main part­ners. The re­li­a­bil­ity and ef­fi­ciency of MTU en­gines, no­tably the 926 LA, have un­doubt­edly con­trib­uted to the suc­cess of Eco Log ma­chines over the past years. There­fore, the ex­ist­ing D-se­ries for­warder and 688 con­tinue to be equipped with Mercedes En­gines,” he added.

The choice of Volvo Penta en­gines for har­vesters had been mo­ti­vated by three main fac­tors: Prox­im­ity, Flex­i­bil­ity and Af­ter-sales.

i. As sim­ple as it sounds, Volvo is a Swedish her­itage and Eco Log, which is based in Söder­hamn on Swe­den’s east coast, has over the past few years highly fo­cused on the value of us­ing lo­cal com­po­nents. Sup­pli­ers with a close geo­graphic lo­ca­tion en­able both bet­ter sup­port and closer part­ner­ship.

ii. One and the same en­gine block can ful­fill sev­eral stan­dards, for ex­am­ple with ei­ther Stage IIIA or Stage IV-com­pli­ance. This smart flex­i­bil­ity con­trib­utes to the ef­fi­ciency of Eco Log pro­duc­tion by pro­vid­ing the abil­ity to use the same base ma­chine frames while si­mul­ta­ne­ously ful­fill­ing the var­i­ous emis­sion re­quire­ments world­wide.

iii. In­ter­na­tional sales have ex­panded over the past two years and Eco Log is now rep­re­sented on four con­ti­nents. A strong global network is re­quired to guar­an­tee max­i­mum up­time, re­li­able ser­vice and peace of mind for Eco Log cus­tomers.

“The new Eco Log 550, 560, 580 and 590 har­vesters are dressed with the lat­est Eco Log col­ors and will of course re­main equipped with in­no­va­tive pen­du­lum arms. Their im­pres­sive abil­ity to tilt 25° side­ways and a pitch an­gle of 17° to the front or rear al­lows them to eas­ily ma­noeu­vre in hilly en­vi­ron­ments,” Jo­han said.

Eco Log equips, as stan­dard, the new 550, 560, 580 and 590 with five pumps; two for the trans­mis­sion, two im­ple­ment pumps (one for the crane and one to op­er­ate the har­vester head) and one so­called “re­cir­cu­la­tion pump” which to­gether with the new ver­ti­cally ori­ented cool­ers op­ti­mizes the cool­ing ca­pac­ity of the har­vester where and/or when­ever the ma­chine op­er­ates. The Volvo Penta en­gine pro­vides power to these pumps, run­ning at a low rpm, and can eas­ily han­dle all work­ing con­di­tions with­out over­load­ing the en­gine.

Among other new fea­tures, the cab is now able to ro­tate 350° fur­ther de­creas­ing the fre­quency of ma­chine move­ment ver­sus com­peti­tors and thereby sav­ing ad­di­tional fuel costs even be­yond those pro­vided by the al­ready ef­fi­cient Volvo Penta en­gines.

Jo­han said it should be noted that the 570 had been re­moved from the har­vester range to the ben­e­fit of the 550. This unique four wheeler is now pow­ered by 218hp and is equipped with a larger crane (the Eco Log crane 250 [255 kN], pre­vi­ously in­stalled on 570D).

Scan­di­na­vian Forestry will soon take de­liv­ery of one of the new breed har­vesters, the 590.

“We’ve also got a 688 in stock at the mo­ment,” says Jo­han.

The fi­nal word on the work and worth of the Eco Log ma­chines comes from Bruce Mac­far­lane (Mac Log­ging, Queens­land)...

“The Eco Log 688 re­placed our Eco Log 580B Har­vester in our South­ern Pine thin­nings op­er­a­tion in Beer­bur­rum, Queens­land last year. Our pre­vi­ous and cur­rent ex­pe­ri­ence with Eco Log ma­chines and the com­pany made it easy for us to de­cide to stick with them. The Eco Log 688 fea­tures that par­tic­u­larly stood out for us to suit the area we are cur­rently in is the eight wheel drive and the self lev­el­ling cab. We are look­ing to pair it up with the Eco Log 574E For­warder later this year.”

Eco Log’s 688 eas­ily han­dles the work­load at Mc Log­ging’s Queens­land site.

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