Sca­nia cuts a dash through the log­ging in­dus­try

Tri­alling a new spec­i­fi­ca­tion of log­ging truck with the aim of safely cart­ing 104-tonnes GVM with­out ad­versely im­pact­ing on the forestry tracks

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Sca­nia is con­tin­u­ing to cut a swathe through the log­ging in­dus­try as more op­er­a­tors seek in­for­ma­tion on how they can re­duce their op­er­at­ing costs.

Sca­nia’s spe­cial­ist log­ging in­dus­try ac­count man­ager, Paul Rid­dell, has been field­ing en­quiries from across Aus­tralia in re­cent months, as word of suc­cesses in the South Aus­tralian tim­ber in­dus­try spreads through Vic­to­ria and into New South Wales.

“It seems log­ging in­dus­try folk have heard of the suc­cesses we are hav­ing with cus­tomers such as Tabeel Trad­ing in South Aus­tralia,” he says.

“We spent a lot of time re­fin­ing the ex­act spec­i­fi­ca­tion that would be suit­able for log­ging as well as cart­ing wood chip, and this has paid off for the cus­tomer. We have de­vised a spec­i­fi­ca­tion that is best de­scribed as be­ing ‘fit for pur­pose in the Aus­tralian log­ging en­vi­ron­ment’.

“Fuel econ­omy has picked up sig­nif­i­cantly, and the trucks have been very re­li­able to date; one of the man­agers there said he had ‘for­got­ten they owned them’ as they have been con­sis­tently work­ing dayafter-day.

“Ob­vi­ously the more days worked, the bet­ter the re­turn on the in­vest­ment in the trucks,” Paul says, “not to men­tion avoid­ing down­time for the work crew in the for­est.”

Tabeel Trad­ing now has 9 Sca­nia trucks in its fleet and will add 4 more when they ar­rive from Europe in April. Like the most re­cent batch of ar­rivals, the new trucks will be 620 hp V8 pow­ered 16.0-litre units boast­ing 3000 Nm (2212 lb/ ft) of torque. Fuel ef­fi­ciency for Tabeel Trad­ing has risen from around 1.4 km per litre to be­tween 1.7and 1.8-km/litre, pro­vid­ing sig­nif­i­cant run­ning cost re­duc­tions.

“The power and torque is very well suited to log­ging, and Sca­nia has sev­eral decades of ex­pe­ri­ence pulling logs out of the Arc­tic tun­dra, through win­ter as well as sum­mer, so the prod­uct de­vel­op­ment has been un­der­taken to cope with re­ally ar­du­ous con­di­tions,” Paul says.

“But in ad­di­tion to the per­for­mance of the en­gine, the gear­box and axle ra­tios, plus the hub re­duc­tion and Sca­nia Re­tarder all add up to a suite of fea­tures that match the work­ing en­vi­ron­ment per­fectly. It ticks all the boxes: per­for­mance, re­li­a­bil­ity, dura­bil­ity and eco­nom­i­cal op­er­a­tion.

“When you have to move 1.2 mil­lion tonnes of wood chip and logs each year you need a tough re­li­able truck, and that’s just what we have built for the Tabeel Trad­ing team,” Paul says.

“This is also such a strong truck that it will be ideally suited to be­ing con­verted to tipper and dog work once its life with Tabeel is over,” he says.

Mean­while in Finland, Sca­nia has been tri­alling a new spec­i­fi­ca­tion of log­ging truck with the aim of safely cart­ing 104-tonnes GVM with­out ad­versely im­pact­ing on the forestry tracks, while at the same time re­duc­ing trans­port costs. The think­ing is that larger loads mean more cargo per ve­hi­cle, there­fore a re­duc­tion in trans­port costs and the num­ber of trans­port move­ments on Fin­nish roads, as well as re­duced en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pacts.

Pow­ered by the Sca­nia flag­ship V8, a 730 hp en­gine with 3500 Nm (2581 lb/ft) of torque, this is the heav­i­est tim­ber truck on Europe’s roads. It is 33 me­tres long, has 13 axles and con­sists of a trac­tor unit, a semi trailer and a trailer. It is run­ning a test route of 300 km be­tween Ivalo and Ro­vaniemi in north­ern Finland. A sec­tion of the road in­cludes a 2 km long up-hill sec­tion where the truck is re­ally put to the test, with speeds sink­ing to 30 km/h at the steep­est part.

Haulage firm Ke­tosen Kul­je­tus OY owns the truck and busi­ness owner Risto Ke­to­nen hopes that the heavy ve­hi­cle will lower fuel costs. “We chose Sca­nia as tests have shown that Sca­nia is best at heavy haulage in these con­di­tions,” he says.

“Tests such as these un­der­score just how well­suited Sca­nia trucks are for heavy-duty log­ging,” says Sca­nia Aus­tralia’s Paul Rid­dell.

“While the truck is tough on the out­side it is com­fort­able, safe and spa­cious on the in­side, giv­ing the driver a very agree­able work­place, in an in­dus­try where tra­di­tion­ally con­di­tions have been quite rugged.

“I think that’s also part of the rea­son why so many log­ging op­er­a­tors have been won over. Their driv­ers love their Sca­nias and they look af­ter them bet­ter, too,” he says.

Sca­nia Tabeel on dirt road.

Sca­nia Tabeel driver Ashley Miller.

Fin­nish Test Sca­nia on the road

Sca­nia Tabeel bdou­ble on road.

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