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LOGSET HAS launched a new har­vester head, the TH65 Euca and, as its name im­plies, it’s de­signed for har­vest­ing and de­bark­ing medi­um­sized eu­ca­lyp­tus trees. It’s the third har­vester head de­signed for har­vest­ing eu­ca­lyp­tus in the TH-se­ries.

The TH65 Euca’s di­men­sions are sim­i­lar to the Logset har­vester head TH65. It weighs 1,100kg and can be mounted on a Logset 8H GT har­vester or on track-based ma­chines weigh­ing 20-35 tons. “The Logset har­vester heads have ba­si­cally all the qual­i­ties needed for har­vest­ing and de­bark­ing eu­ca­lyp­tus,” said Jonas Hed­strom, de­vel­op­ment man­ager.

“De­sign­ing spe­cial har­vester heads for eu­ca­lyp­tus was not a big step for us. In the TH65 Euca, the feed­ing wheels and de­limb­ing knives are equipped with par­al­lel feed, which means that the eu­ca­lyp­tus stems are well cen­tred in the har­vester head. The stem main­tains this po­si­tion even when mov­ing through the har­vester dur­ing de­bark­ing,” he ex­plained.

“The TH65 Euca was de­vel­oped in tight col­lab­o­ra­tion with our deal­ers and end users to en­sure that the prod­uct ful­fills and ex­ceeds the de­mands of this spe­cial­ized field of forestry,” he said.

Logset has been man­u­fac­tur­ing har­vest­ing heads for eu­ca­lyp­tus for more than 20 years, so eu­ca­lyp­tus de­bark­ing is noth­ing new or un­known for the com­pany.

“What’s new is that we have stepped down in size to the so-called mid­dle sized seg­ment. The rea­son is that this seg­ment is the fastest grow­ing to­day due to in­creased in­vest­ments in pulp mills us­ing eu­ca­lyp­tus as raw ma­te­rial es­pe­cially in South Amer­ica.

“The process for de­vel­op­ing the prod­uct has been about two years in­clud­ing de­sign and field tests. In the project team are sev­eral mem­bers with over 10 years of hands-on ex­pe­ri­ence from eu­ca­lyp­tus har­vest­ing.

“Jonas said that dur­ing the de­vel­op­ment process, one of the most im­por­tant steps was pro­duc­ing an op­ti­mal de­bark­ing re­sult dur­ing the first feed­ing. An­other im­por­tant qual­ity was to make sure that the har­vester head is kept clean of bark, so the work is not in­ter­rupted due to clean­ing. “The de­mand for a medium-sized har­vester head has grown among our cus­tomers who work with eu­ca­lyp­tus. Thanks to the TH65 Euca, I’m glad to say that we can now re­spond to this de­mand,” said vi­cepres­i­dent of sales Pas­cal Rety.

Logset has an­other ma­jor work­horse in the ranks with the TH85, the sec­ond largest head in Logset´s TH se­ries. To­gether with the Logset 12H GTE Hy­brid har­vester it takes pro­duc­tiv­ity to a level never seen be­fore.

The head is de­signed for felling, feed­ing and cross cut­ting trees from 80cm down to 4cm di­am­e­ter. Its three feed­ing wheels and four hy­draulic mo­tors pro­vide an im­pres­sive feed­ing force, even in the most dif­fi­cult trees. Its to­tal weight of 2100kg en­sure a re­li­able struc­ture in terms of chas­sis, knifes, piv­ots and so more. The saw unit is avail­able with both 0,404” or ¾” pitch saw chains and up to 1 me­tre saw bar.

The TH85 has all the el­e­ments needed for great cut on tim­ber with per­for­mance and ef­fi­ciency.

The Logset TH se­ries is pro­vided as stan­dard with Logset TOC-MD mea­sur­ing and con­trol de­vice. Cease­less ad­just­ments are avail­able from the con­trol such as pro­por­tional knife con­trol, au­to­matic cross cut­ting, feed­ing speed con­trol. The TOC-MD pro­vides seam­less co­op­er­a­tion with the head to guar­an­tee high pro­duc­tiv­ity.

This head, too, was de­vel­oped as a re­sponse to cus­tomer needs and de­mands. It can be mounted on the world’s big­gest har­vester - the Logset 12H GTE Hy­brid har­vester - or on track based ma­chines weigh­ing 25-30 tons. The ease of daily main­te­nance has been the key cri­te­rion dur­ing the de­vel­op­ment process. “We held on to our phi­los­o­phy with the ear­lier heads — less is more. This head has less com­po­nents and more steel. The point is to achieve min­i­mum down­time and max­i­mum pro­duc­tiv­ity,” said Jonas, who had been in charge of the de­vel­op­ment process of the TH85.

“In the be­gin­ning of April, we sent a Logset 12H GTE Hy­brid har­vester with a TH85 har­vester head to Aus­tralia. This com­bi­na­tion is a wheel based ma­chine the mar­ket hasn’t seen be­fore. Logset has 25 years of ex­pe­ri­ence in mak­ing har­vesters and har­vester heads. The THseries has gone through a 10-year pe­riod of tech­ni­cal evo­lu­tion, so we felt con­fi­dent about in­tro­duc­ing the prod­uct on a new mar­ket,” said Pas­cal.

Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion is avail­able is avail­able at­vester_­heads

Aus­tralian Logset distrib­u­tor Hugh Gor­don with the newly-launched Logset TH85.

Two year de­sign/test project re­sults in a head that ex­cels in eu­ca­lypts.

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