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TOUGH, STEEP slope ap­pli­ca­tions test a ma­chine and op­er­a­tor, and can have se­ri­ous im­pacts on pro­duc­tiv­ity. Un­der­stand­ing the chal­lenges of this unique ap­pli­ca­tion, John Deere of­fers so­lu­tions ideal for log­ging on steep ter­rain. With tracked and wheeled ma­chines each of­fer­ing unique and dif­fer­ent ad­van­tages to their ap­pli­ca­tions, there is an equip­ment so­lu­tion to fit nearly ev­ery op­er­a­tion.

M-Se­ries Tracked Feller Bunch­ers and Har­vesters

The John Deere M-Se­ries Tracked Feller Bunch­ers and MH-Se­ries Har­vesters of­fer pro­duc­tive and durable ma­chines that can power through tough ter­rain. The M-Se­ries of­fers sev­eral mod­els de­pend­ing on Feller Buncher or Tracked Har­vester, that all fea­ture a best-in-class lev­el­ing sys­tem. The 859M/ MH gives op­er­a­tors a low­tail swing op­tion, while the 909M and 959M/MH pro­vide a larger tail swing op­tion for larger tim­ber ap­pli­ca­tions.

All mod­els in­cor­po­rate a pa­tented lev­el­ing con­trol sys­tem that uses sen­sor tech­nol­ogy to max­i­mize the for­ward tilt an­gle (26 de­grees for­ward), while elec­tron­i­cally pre­vent­ing any pos­si­ble me­chan­i­cal in­ter­fer­ence when also tilt­ing to the side. The lev­el­ing en­ve­lope bound­aries are set au­to­mat­i­cally and the pa­tented sys­tem pro­vides a smooth tran­si­tion when ap­proach­ing the lev­el­ing lim­its. This elim­i­nates any sud­den stops, fur­ther en­hanc­ing the sta­bil­ity of John Deere ma­chines when used on slopes. This im­proves op­er­a­tor com­fort so they can stay pro­duc­tive on the most chal­leng­ing ter­rains.

Fea­tur­ing the John Deere 9.0 L en­gine, the M-Se­ries ma­chines pro­vide 330hp, am­ple power when com­bined with the ro­bust un­der­car­riage, which of­fers max­i­mum sta­bil­ity and trac­tive ef­fort ideal for steep ter­rain. A va­ri­ety of boom sets, felling heads and har­vest­ing at­tach­ments can be com­bined to op­ti­mize pro­duc­tiv­ity across a range of con­di­tions. And with thick plates and large pins and bush­ings, op­er­a­tors can rely on a sturdy boom that pro­vides the reach and dura­bil­ity needed for tough steep slope ap­pli­ca­tions.

The spa­cious cab fea­tures er­gonom­i­cally de­signed con­fig­urable con­trols and 4-point safety belt to keep the op­er­a­tor se­cure and com­fort­able. Fully ad­justable arm­rests pro­vide fin­ger­tip con­trol of all ma­chine func­tions, and an air-con­di­tioned seat pro­vides ex­cep­tional day­long com­fort in the cli­mate-con­trolled cab. Floor-to-ceil­ing front and side win­dows, in­clud­ing ex­cep­tional vi­sion to the right, plus an over­head sky­light and floor glass pro­vide an out­stand­ing view of the cut­ting area and the tracks so the op­er­a­tor can avoid any pit­falls that may dis­rupt the bal­ance of the ma­chine.

G-Se­ries Wheeled Har­vesters and E Se­ries For­warders

For wheeled so­lu­tions, the John Deere Har­vesters and For­warders have led the in­dus­try for over two decades. With their pa­tented bal­anced bo­gie sys­tem, these ma­chines of­fer su­pe­rior trac­tive ef­fort and sta­bil­ity ideal for steep and un­even ter­rain. The 1270G EightWheel Har­vesters pro­vide ad­di­tional trac­tion and sta­bil­ity with eight-wheel drive of­fer­ing ex­cel­lent trac­tion and sta­bil­ity that can nav­i­gate ter­rain that has typ­i­cally been off-lim­its for mech­a­nized log­ging.

The G-Se­ries har­vesters fea­ture stan­dard Pro­cess­ing Power Con­trol (PPC), op­ti­miz­ing fuel ef­fi­ciency of the John Deere 9.0 litre en­gines. The PPC sys­tem an­tic­i­pates the en­gine load and re­sponds with the right power in­crease, thus im­prov­ing the fuel econ­omy. Ad­di­tion­ally, an ad­vanced twin-pump hy­draulic sys­tem en­sures am­ple power for smooth, si­mul­ta­ne­ous op­er­a­tion and max­i­mum con­trol of the boom and har­vester head. With the PPC, op­er­a­tors can en­sure they main­tain pre­cise con­trol of the boom and head, while pro­vid­ing am­ple power to climb and hold po­si­tion on steep slopes – max­i­miz­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity.

The G-Se­ries har­vesters are equipped with the Tim­berMatic™ H-16 con­trol sys­tem, pro­vid­ing in­creased pro­cess­ing ca­pac­ity. The user-friendly sys­tem, con­trol mod­ules and wiring har­nesses en­hance ma­chine per­for­mance and pre­ci­sion. The Tim­berMatic H-16 con­trol sys­tem is a com­pre­hen­sive pack­age for ba­sic ma­chine con­trol, mea­sur­ing and buck­ing, al­low­ing the op­er­a­tor to work faster and eas­ier.

An­other key fea­ture of John Deere Wheeled Har­vesters and For­warders ideal for steep slopes is the re­designed lev­el­ing and ro­tat­ing cab. Er­gonom­i­cally de­signed seats, along with air con­di­tion­ing and heat­ing, re­duce op­er­a­tor fa­tigue, pro­vid­ing con­sis­tent pro­duc­tiv­ity through­out the day.

Trac­tion-As­sist So­lu­tions

Across the world, the de­mand for trac­tion as­sist sys­tems is grow­ing, and in many cases, be­ing met with John Deere ma­chines. Ger­man-based HAAS Maschinebau has de­vel­oped a trac­tion as­sist winch ex­clu­sively for John Deere wheeled har­vesters and for­warders. This so­lu­tion is be­ing used in Europe, South Amer­ica, and re­cently en­tered the North Amer­i­can mar­ket. A proven so­lu­tion, these winches are in­stalled on the front or rear of the ma­chine, al­low­ing cus­tomers to work above or be­low the ex­trac­tion road and can also be fit­ted with an op­tional straw­line winch to sig­nif­i­cantly sim­plify the job site set-up. The bal­anced bo­gie axles of the John Deere ma­chine make it an ideal car­rier for trac­tion-as­sist so­lu­tions.

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