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If you’ve ever typed a foot­ball team’s name into YouTube’s search en­gine, you will prob­a­bly have stumbled across a video of some­one at home, play­ing as them on FIFA. “What a lot of peo­ple don’t un­der­stand is how se­ri­ously in­te­grated into foot­ball things like FIFA and Foot­ball Man­ager are to younger fans,” says Spencer Owen, AKA Spencer FC, star of the FIFA- heavy YouTube chan­nel. “That doesn’t mean I just sit there and start shout­ing about how I’m los­ing a game; I like to talk about real foot­ball as I do it. If I’m buy­ing a player on a game, I will also men­tion what things I know about him in real life.” If you think this all sounds like a piece of cake, think again. “We re­lease a brand new video ev­ery sin­gle day,” Spencer ex­plains to FFT. “For ev­ery two hours of FIFA, there will be at least an­other three or four hours of edit­ing. Un­til the back end of last year, I went more than a whole year with­out hav­ing a hol­i­day!” Not that he’s com­plain­ing. Spencer’s sta­tus has helped him rub shoul­ders with some of foot­ball’s real stars. “I’ve got a se­ries called ‘Selfie Squad’ in which I can only use play­ers that I’ve met in real life,” Spencer says. “It’s be­com­ing a star-stud­ded team, slowly but surely, in­clud­ing Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Teddy Sher­ing­ham. I have also done a thing called the Wem­b­ley Cup, in which we put a team of YouTu­bers to­gether and ac­tu­ally played a game at Wem­b­ley Sta­dium. It got a crazy amount of views – we put to­gether 10 episodes and over the whole se­ries it reached 45 mil­lion. “In foot­ball en­vi­ron­ments I get recog­nised quite a lot, but it’s a good level of pop­u­lar­ity be­cause YouTube is big but it’s niche. I can go down the street dur­ing uni hours and no one will know who I am – but if I go to some events I feel like Brad Pitt!”

It was once a crazy dream, but YouTube has made it a re­al­ity

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