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FFT loves noth­ing more than spend­ing our lonely nights tucked up in bed, spoon­ing a foot­ball while watch­ing goal com­pi­la­tions on DVD. But our qual­ity time be­neath a Damien Mori doona could be com­ing to an end, as a new re­port re­veals that tech­nol­ogy might be dam­ag­ing our sleep. Re­searchers at King’s Col­lege in Lon­don and Cardiff Uni­ver­sity in the Welsh cap­i­tal an­a­lysed 11 stud­ies, in­volv­ing more than 125,000 peo­ple, to de­ter­mine if elec­tronic de­vices af­fect our rest. They dis­cov­ered that if you use a smart­phone or tablet be­fore hit­ting the sack, or even watch a bit of tele­vi­sion, it dou­bled the risk of you hav­ing a bad night’s kip – which is the last thing that we want be­fore a match. And, more wor­ry­ingly for FFT, the odds re­mained ex­actly the same even if the de­vices were in the bed­room and switched off. “Our find­ings are fur­ther proof of the detri­men­tal af­fect me­dia de­vices have on sleep du­ra­tion, as well as qual­ity of sleep,” said Dr Ben Carter of King’s Col­lege. Fine, we’ll stop watch­ing our DVDs. But no one’s go­ing to stop us from play­ing a quick game of Sub­bu­teo be­fore lights out, OK?

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