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Look out, Usain Bolt: FFT’s start­ing 2017 with some speed train­ing. On your marks!

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What is it?

The run­ning para­chute is a train­ing tool made out of cloth that can help foot­ballers im­prove their speed and strength with­out set­ting foot in the gym. Play­ers nor­mally use the chutes over a 20-me­tre dis­tance to repli­cate the sprints they make dur­ing a game.

How does it work?

The para­chute is at­tached by cords to a har­ness sys­tem, which is at­tached to the player’s back. As the user starts to sprint, the chute will fill up with air, which cre­ates re­sis­tance. The quicker they sprint, the greater the re­sis­tance.

Who uses it?

Foot­ballers of­ten use it as part of their speed train­ing dur­ing pre-sea­son. It’s also pop­u­lar among ath­letes in team sports, as well as sprint­ers and other speed-re­lated in­di­vid­ual dis­ci­plines.

Why are they us­ing it?

Play­ers run with chutes to try to add ex­tra pace to their game. Re­sis­tance forces your quadri­ceps, ham­strings, glutes and calves to con­tract with greater ex­plo­sive­ness, caus­ing your mus­cles to adapt and get stronger.

How much does it cost?

We know that your Jan­uary trans­fer bud­get is set aside for big-money sign­ings, but don’t worry – a run­ning para­chute can be bought from most ma­jor sports shops for as lit­tle as $12.

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