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What do you think of the new kit and its sim­i­lar­i­ties to Manchester City?

It’s nice, with the con­nec­tion we all knew the day was com­ing and it’s a lovely kit.

It’s now your sec­ond sea­son in the ALeague, what’s the club’s big vi­sion?

I think they’ve set the bench­mark in fa­cil­i­ties and the way things are done. Hope­fully the rest of the A-League fol­lows and it can get big­ger. We want the A-League to be a global brand and they’re help­ing along the way. Hope­fully the foot­ball club and City Group will com­bine and do a fan­tas­tic job which they are cur­rently do­ing right now.

How do Mel­bourne City’s fa­cil­i­ties com­pare to what you ex­pe­ri­enced in Eng­land?

They’re good here. I’ve worked in Eng­land, ev­ery club is dif­fer­ent, some clubs are bet­ter and some are not. What is pro­vided to us is fan­tas­tic. There’s ev­ery­thing that you need, that’s what you want and that’s what the A-League needs. It needs all the clubs to try to step up to be competitive on and off the pitch. That’s what the English Pre­mier League has done over the years. Some­one gets a good train­ing ground and then the next club gets a bet­ter train­ing ground and it cre­ates competition. It makes ev­ery­thing a lot bet­ter and we all want the league to grow. You didn’t win the league last sea­son, but got the FFA Cup. Was the team happy with its achieve­ments? We tried to win ev­ery competition, but we un­der­stand there’s only one team that can ac­tu­ally do that. We were happy with the FFA Cup. We set out to win that and we did. We’re just trying to take ev­ery game as it comes this sea­son and see where it takes us and if we can get some con­sis­tency like we did at the start of last sea­son, we can cre­ate that through­out the whole sea­son.

What do you make of the new sign­ings?

The club have kept a lot of play­ers from last year which is fan­tas­tic – as play­ers, we don’t know which play­ers are go­ing to come dur­ing trans­fer pe­riod. We can only do things in our con­trol, that’s play­ing foot­ball and trying to get as fit as pos­si­ble in this pe­riod and that’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what the man­ager is trying to do and we’re all just trying to get match fit.

How have you found War­ren Joyce?

He’s a fan­tas­tic man­ager, coach and as per­son as well, he’s a great guy. I’m sure he’ll be a mas­sive suc­cess here.

Did you know much about Joyce in Eng­land?

I knew of him through the grapevine, but now we’re work­ing with War­ren and his rep­u­ta­tion and the clubs that he’s worked at pre­vi­ously be­fore City were fan­tas­tic clubs. He’s had mas­sive suc­cess at pro­duc­ing play­ers and I’m sure he’ll get suc­cess here and pro­duce a few good young­sters as well be­cause there’s some re­ally good ones at the club.

Com­ing into your sec­ond A-League sea­son, how are you feel­ing?

Life is good, my wife and kids are here. I’ve set­tled in well and the club is fan­tas­tic to me. I just want to carry on trying to be as good a player I can and if I can do that, keep pro­gress­ing, get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter then hope­fully it’ll be a suc­cess­ful sea­son for my­self and the team.

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