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Kiko Casilla @real­madrid “The dead­lift is an im­por­tant ex­er­cise for in­creas­ing max­i­mal strength,” says Will­mott. “It tar­gets the ‘pos­te­rior chain’ – the lower back, glutes and ham­strings – but will work most of the mus­cles, too.”

Alex Oxlade-Cham­ber­lain @liv­er­poolfc “Us­ing hur­dles is a good way to boost the mo­bil­ity of mus­cles around the hip and pelvis, such as the groins and glutes.”

Pa­trice Evra @pa­trice.evra “The aim here is to im­prove ba­sic leg speed, to gain more power, al­though wall-sits are an eas­ier way of do­ing this.”

Gary Cahill @england “Ex­plo­sive med­i­cal ball throws boost power and speed. Throw­ing it up will work the triple ex­ten­sion po­si­tion, which is of­ten used in sprint­ing and jump­ing.”

Danny Wel­beck @england “This will ad­vance max­i­mum ve­loc­ity tech­nique and the abil­ity to main­tain the cor­rect run­ning style at top speeds.”

Pape Souare @souare23 “Most foot­ball ac­tions use one leg so build­ing up sin­gle-leg strength is key. Side-to-side knee move­ment can­not be ex­ces­sive as you squat down, how­ever.”

Lewis Baker @match­fit_­con­di­tion­ing “Poles can im­prove a player’s change of di­rec­tion. By teach­ing cor­rect body po­si­tions, you can make gains in agility.”

Me­sut Özil @match­fit_­con­di­tion­ing “Hur­dle jumps – a form of ply­o­met­ric train­ing – de­velop force, to en­hance speed and power. This also aids land­ing tech­nique, to re­duce the risk of in­juries.”

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