Australian Four Four Two - - UP FRONT -

Rus­sia vs Saudi Ara­bia

The World Cup be­gins in Moscow: open­ing games surely don’t get any bet­ter than this???

France vs Aus­tralia

Here we go! Look, in our heart of hearts, all we’re hop­ing for here is not to be dis­graced.

Brazil vs Switzer­land

Ney­mar and Coutinho once lost a key game to the Swiss at the U17 World Cup. Pay­back time?

Den­mark vs Aus­tralia

Den­mark’s not quite a one man team, but if we can sti­fle Chris­tian Erik­son, we may have a shot.

Ar­gentina vs Croa­tia

One of the group stage’s most at­trac­tive games. Can Croa­tia ful­fil their po­ten­tial and stop Messi?

Aus­tralia vs Peru

The tie that of­fers the most hope – but Peru are still ranked way higher than us. Can we qual­ify?

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