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CAN­IS­TER STOVES ARE prob­a­bly the most pop­u­lar items of cook­ing equip­ment around. For most ad­ven­tur­ers, bar high alti­tude climbers and arc­tic/Antarc­tic ex­plor­ers, a can­is­ter stove is ideal. JetBoil has been one of the big names in can­is­ter stoves for a num­ber of years now but con­tin­ues to im­prove its cook­ing tech, with this new MiniMo a great ex­am­ple.

Not con­tent with an al­ready ef­fi­cient cook­ing sys­tem in the “reg­u­lar” JetBoil stove, the com­pany has tweaked its solo/cou­ple-based cooker to make it more ef­fi­cient, and eas­ier to use. Gone is the slightly un­wieldy tall-ish cook­ing cup – it has been re­placed with a lower, wider unit that, thanks to the change of shape/form, now al­lows for eas­ier spoon ac­cess to its con­tents.

From a tech­ni­cal per­spec­tive, JetBoil has reengi­neered the stove valve, al­low­ing more con­trol over the sim­mer level. JetBoil’s im­pres­sive reg­u­la­tor tech is well-known for pro­vid­ing re­li­able lowtem­per­a­ture per­for­mance and this is still a fea­ture of the MiniMo, with a man­u­fac­turer’s claim of “con­sis­tent per­for­mance down to -6°C”. (As we have been test­ing the stove in sum­mer, we haven’t had the chance to con­firm this – stay tuned for a longer-term re­view.)

Other sig­na­ture JetBoil fea­tures are in­cluded in the MiniMo, such as the push-but­ton ig­niter, but there are more im­prove­ments again in the form of the in­su­lat­ing drink-through lid, the way the burner is now stored side­ways in­side the cup, and – at last – PVC-coated, fold­able metal han­dles to ac­tu­ally make us­ing the stove a hell of a lot eas­ier! If there’s been one thing that has al­ways (al­beit slightly) bugged this tester, it is the lack of sta­bil­ity with these all-in-one stove de­signs – even with the use of the in­cluded can­is­ter sta­biliser. The sim­ple ad­di­tion of the han­dles makes a world of dif­fer­ence; camp­ing with two young chil­dren and hav­ing them al­ways close by means the re­duced risk of a tip­ping stove makes for a far safer and en­joy­able camp-cook­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

The JetBoil MiniMo con­tin­ues the com­pany’s record of im­pres­sive wa­ter-boil­ing times, with a claimed 2m15s for 500ml of wa­ter. The stove’s ex­cel­lent reg­u­la­tor en­sures great fuel econ­omy too; JetBoil claims 12 litres of wa­ter per 100g Jet­power can­is­ter (this will also be con­firmed in our long-term re­view). Along with the MiniMo it­self, which in­cludes a handy plas­tic mea­sur­ing cup/bowl and can­is­ter sta­biliser, there are ad­di­tional ac­ces­sories, in­clud­ing a cof­fee press, hang­ing kit and a pot sup- port. You can also use JetBoil’s fry pan with the MiniMo, and the larger 1.8L Sumo pot.

From our ini­tial test­ing pe­riod, we’d rec­om­mend the MiniMo as a great op­tion for solo or two-up ad­ven­tur­ers; hik­ers, pad­dlers and cy­cle tour­ers in par­tic­u­lar will love the light weight (415g) and new and more easy-to-use shape of the cup, on top of the sim­ple en­hance­ments of even-bet­ter sim­mer con­trol, great fuel us­age and those han­dles.

The MiniMo’s com­pact size, easy ac­cess pot and ex­cel­lent sim­mer con­trol make it a great op­tion for solo or two-up ad­ven­tur­ers.

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