In the words of Ch­eryl’s fam­ily:

Australian Geographic - - Snapshot -

Gu­laga and her sons are said to have been walk­ing one day, col­lect­ing bush tucker, when the old­est son wanted to go fish­ing. Gu­laga told him no, he was too young to go by him­self, but he snuck out any­way, pad­dling out in a bark ca­noe when his mother wasn’t look­ing. Half­way out, a big wave came and knocked him off his ca­noe, strand­ing him out at sea as Mon­tague Is­land. Dev­as­tated by her loss, Gu­laga lay down and told her younger son to stay close, within arm’s reach, and so she now lies down on her side, watch­ing over her two sons.

Fur­ther to the south stands Peak Alone moun­tain, the hus­band of Gu­laga. He loved her so much that he would go out into the bush and col­lect fur from rare al­bino pos­sums to make her a beau­ti­ful white coat. Gu­laga can of­ten be seen wear­ing the coat at night, when it’s cold – and the moun­tain is shrouded in fog and clouds.

Ch­eryl holds an im­age fea­tur­ing her grand­fa­ther Ed­ward ‘Neddy’ Walker.

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