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RRP: $329 | in­no­va­tive­mu­ The Tor­pedo Cap­tor is a 100-watt re­ac­tive load­box and amp DI, and comes in four, eight, or 16 ohm im­ped­ance ver­sions to match the out­put of any stan­dard amp. It was cre­ated for di­rect record­ing or mic­ing both bass and gui­tar amps in a live or stu­dio sit­u­a­tion, and is ideal for sit­u­a­tions where you need to work at a re­duced vol­ume level. Its ana­logue speaker sim­u­la­tor al­lows for a de­tailed sound for front-of-house and your mon­i­tors, while keep­ing a low vol­ume on­stage. It is con­ve­niently sized and can fit onto a pedal board or on top of your amp.

It fea­tures both bal­anced line and un­bal­anced speaker out­puts, a po­lar­ity switch and ac­tive speaker sim­u­la­tion switch, and can be pow­ered ei­ther through 48 volts of phan­tom power or a 9-24V DC power adap­tor. The Tor­pedo Cap­tor also comes with 16 vir­tual cab­i­nets, us­able with all Tor­pedo hard­wares (C.A.B., Live Stu­dio and VB-101), which are avail­able at an ad­di­tional cost.

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