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In early 2009, Me­tal­lica’s James Het­field con­tacted EMG Pick­ups pres­i­dent Rob Turner, and pre­sented him with a chal­lenge: to cre­ate a ‘stealth’ look­ing set that cap­tures the clar­ity and punch of a pas­sive pickup, yet still re­tains the leg­endary ac­tive tone that Me­tal­lica is known for. Avail­able in EMG Me­tal Works Fin­ishes and EMG’s Sold­er­less In­stal­la­tion Sys­tem com­po­nents, the JH “Het” set con­sists of the JH-N (neck) and the JH-B (bridge), each of which is pat­terned af­ter the pick­ups Het­field had used for 30 years, but with sub­stan­tial tweaks. The JH-N has in­di­vid­ual ce­ramic poles and bob­bins that fea­ture a larger core and are taller than the 60 model Het­field used to use, for more at­tack, higher out­put and fuller low-end in the neck po­si­tion. The JH-B uses the same type of core, but has steel pole pieces un­like the 81 model that uses bar mag­nets. This pro­duces that fa­mil­iar tight at­tack, but with less in­duc­tance for a cleaner low-end.

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