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Symp­toms Dengue causes se­vere flu-like symp­toms in­clud­ing:

• fever

• headaches

• mus­cle and joint pains

• rash

• nau­sea and vom­it­ing

There are 5 dif­fer­ent strains of dengue virus. An ini­tial in­fec­tion will re­sult in dengue fever. How­ever, a sub­se­quent in­fec­tion with a dif­fer­ent strain can lead to a se­vere form of the ill­ness that may be fa­tal if not treated ap­pro­pri­ately. The mos­quito that trans­mits dengue breeds in wa­ter-filled, man-made con­tain­ers in ur­ban ar­eas. It is of­ten found near or in­side build­ings and bites dur­ing the day.


There is no cure or vac­cine for dengue. The only way to pre­vent in­fec­tion is to avoid be­ing bit­ten by mos­qui­toes.

Risk re­gions:

The risk of in­fec­tion is high in pop­u­lar travel des­ti­na­tions such as In­done­sia (Bali), Viet­nam, Thai­land and In­dia, how­ever, dengue oc­curs in a wide range of coun­tries.

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