Paul Grabowsky Sex­tet

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Just as the al­bum’s ti­tle is both dark and pun­ning, so the mu­sic is in a con­stant flux of what, were it writ­ing, we would call ‘tone’. Paul Grabowsky can cre­ate a pas­tiche of an id­iom out of which a deep truth will grow in the im­pro­vis­ing, while a more solemn-sound­ing piece spawns sly asides and dra­matic jolts from the play­ers, or per­haps con­tains an un­ex­pect­edly cur­dled har­mony. The pi­anist has as­sem­bled Jamie Oehlers (tenor), An­drew Rob­son (alto and so­prano), James Green­ing (trom­bone), Cameron Undy (bass) and Simon Barker (drums): all highly dis­tinc­tive play­ers, so he can pro­vide out­lines know­ing abun­dant colour shall be added, or be very spe­cific, know­ing the col­lec­tive hu­man­ity will out­weigh the com­plex­ity. All th­ese play­ers are nat­u­ral risk-tak­ers, so the so­los come flar­ing off the sur­face of the com­po­si­tions.

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