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Ger­man high-end man­u­fac­turer has res­ur­rected a very old idea. Its new ‘Con­cept Ac­tive’ turntable, which comes fit­ted with a Sat­isfy Kar­dan ton­earm or Clea­r­au­dio’s own mag­netic bear­ing ton­earm (ei­ther of which can be fit­ted with one of Clea­r­au­dio’s own mov­ing-mag­net or mov­ing-coil car­tridges) has a built-in head­phone am­pli­fier so that the turntable and a pair of head­phones are all you need in or­der to lis­ten to your LPs. But if you’d pre­fer to lis­ten through loud­speak­ers (in­stead or as well), Clea­r­au­dio has you cov­ered here too, be­cause it con­tains an RIAA stage and a pream­pli­fier with its own vol­ume con­trol, so it can be con­nected di­rectly to a power am­pli­fier if re­quired (though of course you can also con­nect it to any in­te­grated am­pli­fier).

‘ Es­sen­tially, this is Clea­r­au­dio’s all-in-one-sys­tem, ready to play,’ said Si­mon Zanin, of Ked­corp, which dis­trib­utes Clea­r­au­dio in Aus­tralia. ‘ One im­me­di­ate ad­van­tage—apart from the ob­vi­ous—is that all crit­i­cal pa­ram­e­ters in the Con­cept Ac­tive, from car­tridge track­ing weight to an­ti­skat­ing force, are pre-ad­justed in Clea­r­au­dio’s fac­tory.’

The plinth of the Clea­r­au­dio Con­cept Ac­tive is made from a high­tech syn­thetic outer layer that sur­rounds highly com­pressed wood at the core of which is a layer of nat­u­ral medium-den­sity wood-fi­bre. This can be sur­rounded by ei­ther alu­minium or wood. The drive mo­tor is a de­cou­pled and res­o­nance-damped d.c. type which drives a flat belt con­nected to an alu­minium sub-plat­ter. The syn­thetic main plat­ter is 30mm thick and has a CNC pre­ci­sion-milled sur­face. The main bear­ing is a pol­ished and tem­pered steel shaft that runs in a Te­flon­coated sin­tered bronze bush­ing.

Pric­ing of the turntable varies ac­cord­ing to the op­tions you se­lect. If you want an alu­minium sur­round around the plinth, the Clea­r­au­dio Con­cept Ac­tive will re­tail at $3,695 with a mov­ing-mag­net car­tridge and $4,395 with a mov­ing-coil car­tridge. With a wooden sur­round the prices are $4,595 (MM) and $5,295 (MC). You can also buy the same turntable without the in­te­grated phono stage and head­phone am­pli­fier, in which case the alu­minium sur­round ver­sion will re­tail for $2,595 (MM) and $3,395 (MC) and the wooden sur­round ver­sion for $2,295 (MM) and $4,095 (MC). [All prices are for mod­els fit­ted with the Sat­isfy Kar­dan ton­earm.]

For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, please con­tact Ked­corp on (02) 9561 0799 or visit www.ked­

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