Who Built The Moon?

Australian HIFI - - ON TEST -

The se­nior Gal­lagher’s new of­fer­ing con­trasts with Liam’s in its ma­tu­rity of con­cep­tion and mas­sive psy­cho-psy­che­delic sound­scapes, and when it does of­fer Oa­sis moments, no­tably The Man Who Built The Moon, even these push the pro­duc­tion en­ve­lope. In­deed it’s hard not to com­pare the vibe as well as the con­cept of con­ti­nu­ity through con­nected in­stru­men­tal sec­tions with Paul Weller’s out­put since ‘22 Dreams’, an al­bum on which Noel guested, as Weller does here on the near glam-rock Holy Moun­tain (he’s rel­e­gated to play­ing or­gan, mind). Pro­ducer David Holmes is known for his film sound­tracks, which may ex­plain why some songs sound as if recorded in an un­der­ground bucket, though never slip­ping into the anti-pro­duc­tion of Liam’s al­bum, rather build­ing end­less lay­ers (an alarm clock rings for a full two min­utes on the opener Fort Knox) un­til the mix gets mushed un­der the weight. But it’s the bet­ter set by far.

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