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Tri­an­gle have also re­leased a cou­ple of pre-cut speaker ca­bles. There are two mod­els, the Opera and the Sym­phonie (pic­tured). Both have a 2.5mm² cross sec­tion, both come in 2.5mtr lengths, and both come pre-fit­ted with ba­nana plugs.

The ‘Opera’ is a tinned OFC (99.99% pure oxy­gen-free cop­per coated with tin) ca­ble with spe­cial strand braid­ing. Tinned ca­bles of­fer bet­ter longevity by greatly lim­it­ing the cor­ro­sion or ox­i­da­tion that nor­mally oc­curs over time. Priced at $179 a pair.

The con­duc­tors of the ‘Sym­phonie’ ca­ble are made of OFHC strands of very high pu­rity (oxy­gen-free cop­per, 99.999%). In order to elim­i­nate any distortion and elec­tro­mag­netic dis­tur­bance, the con­duc­tors have a dou­ble in­su­lat­ing jacket made of polyvinyl chlo­ride sep­a­rated from an an­ti­static sheet. It is com­pleted with an outer sheath of fab­ric for bet­ter pro­tec­tion. The ba­nana plugs are sil­ver plated. An­odized alu­minium caps en­sure ex­cel­lent sig­nal pro­tec­tion. Priced at $299 a pair.

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