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There are a lot of good Dig­i­tal to Ana­logue Con­vert­ers on the mar­ket, and at $2,695 the M6 DAC is one of the best value. Su­perbly built (as is all of the M6 se­ries) this 32bit/768kHz (no, that is not a mis­print) DSD-ca­pa­ble DAC fea­tures 7 in­puts – 3 x Coax, 3 x Op­ti­cal and 1 x USB. All in­puts are up­sam­pled to 32/768.

The tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions are ex­cep­tional. Distortion is 0.0004% at 20kHz, stereo sep­a­ra­tion is bet­ter than 120dB, and the noise ra­tio is bet­ter than 110dB down.

It fea­tures both balanced and sin­gle ended out­puts, and has a very high per­for­mance head­phone am­pli­fier built in.

For those liv­ing in the purely dig­i­tal world the out­put is se­lectable be­tween fixed and vari­able, al­low­ing the M6 DAC also to be used as a pre-am­pli­fier. We un­der­stand that there is a match­ing M6 power am­pli­fier due later in the year, but the M6 DAC can be paired with any power am­pli­fier of your choice.

This is an ex­cep­tional DAC for the money, one that we pre­dict will find many a happy home. Priced at $2,695.

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