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Cana­dian man­u­fac­turer Bryston is try­ing to re-de­fine the def­i­ni­tion of ac­tive speak­ers with its new ‘Ac­tive Loud­speaker’ line-up, be­cause all the speak­ers in its new ‘Ac­tive Loud­speaker’ line are pas­sive, with no elec­tron­ics built into the speaker cab­i­nets at all… not even a cross­over net­work. In­stead, all am­pli­fi­ca­tion and the (elec­tronic) crossovers are ex­ter­nal to the cab­i­nets. The ex­ter­nal cross­over is Bryston’s DSP-en­abled BAX-1 ac­tive cross­over and the ex­ter­nal am­pli­fier can be either Bryston’s three-chan­nel 21B³ or its six-chan­nel 24B³.

Bryston ap­pears to both agree and dis­agree the ac­cepted mean­ing of the words ‘ac­tive loud­speaker sys­tem’. Its press re­lease says: ‘ Most ac­tive speak­ers utilise an am­pli­fier built into the speaker en­clo­sure, how­ever the Bryston Ac­tive so­lu­tion utilises full-size, zero-com­pro­mise out­board am­pli­fiers en­gi­neered to de­liver best per­for­mance and a Bryston BAX-1 sta­teof-the-art dig­i­tal cross­over, which con­tains pro­pri­etary soft­ware for each ac­tive loud­speaker model. The BAX-1 re­ceives a full-range ana­log au­dio sig­nal from the pream­pli­fier and per­forms the three-way cross­over func­tion­al­ity and driver cor­rec­tion for each chan­nel, also ap­ply­ing any user-se­lected fil­ters for tai­lor­ing the bass re­sponse of the loud­speak­ers.’

Bryston says the 21B³ and 24B³ am­pli­fiers were de­signed specif­i­cally for its ‘Ac­tive Speaker’ line-up (Model T Ac­tive, Mid­dle T Ac­tive and Mini T Ac­tive). ‘ The Bryston 21B³ three-chan­nel am­pli­fier was crafted to pro­vide ideal am­pli­fi­ca­tion for any of the three speaker sys­tems, pro­vid­ing earth-mov­ing power and flaw­less pre­ci­sion for mu­sic en­thu­si­asts,’ said a com­pany spokesman. ‘ Two 21B³ am­pli­fiers are re­quired to drive a pair of Bryston Ac­tive Loud­speak­ers. The Bryston 24B³ is a sin­gle chas­sis so­lu­tion of­fer­ing 6-chan­nels of am­pli­fi­ca­tion. De­liv­er­ing less to­tal sys­tem power than two 21B³s but am­ple power for many lis­ten­ers, the 24B³ is ide­ally suited for the Mid­dle T Ac­tive and Mini T Ac­tive sys­tems.’

The Bryston Model T Ac­tive is a 1.3m tall floor-stand­ing three-way de­sign with three 203mm bass driv­ers, two 133mm midrange driv­ers and two 25mm tweet­ers. The Mid­dle T Ac­tive is a 1m tall floor-stand­ing three-way loud­speaker with two 203mm bass driv­ers, a 133mm midrange driver and a 25mm tweeter. The Mini T Ac­tive is a book­shelf de­sign with a 203mm bass driver, 133mm midrange driver and 25mm tweeter. All three have a 20-year war­ranty. Bryston Model T Ac­tive sys­tem - $43,997. (BAX-1, 2×21B3 am­pli­fiers, one pair of Model T Ac­tive loud­speak­ers). Bryston Mid­dle T Ac­tive sys­tem – $26,998 (BAX-1, 24B3 am­pli­fier and one pair of Mid­dle T Ac­tive loud­speak­ers). Bryston Mini T Ac­tive sys­tem – $23,998 (BAX-1, 24B3 am­pli­fier and one pair Mini T Ac­tive loud­speak­ers).

For more in­for­ma­tion con­tact Bryston’s Aus­tralian distrib­u­tor, BusiSo AV on 1300 888 602 or www.busiso

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