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OAD (Open Au­dio De­signs) has re­leased its first two am­pli­fiers, the CP1 con­trol pream­pli­fier and UF1 power am­pli­fier. Al­though Open Au­dio De­signs is a new com­pany, the man be­hind it, Mel­bourne elec­tron­ics de­signer Jon DeSensi, will be well-known to Aus­tralian au­dio­philes, hav­ing pre­vi­ously founded Mu­sic Labs Aus­tralia. ‘ OAD is a per­for­mance­ori­ented com­pany that strives to ad­vance state-of-the-art mu­sic re­pro­duc­tion at all times,’ said DeSensi. ‘ Driven by gen­uine ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy and per­for­mance, the OAD brand uses “ul­tra­fi­delity” as both its trade­mark and hall­mark, as this un­der­pins ev­ery­thing that we do.’

The first two prod­ucts avail­able from OAD are the CP1 con­trol pream­pli­fier and UF1 power am­pli­fier. The CP1 has an 11cm colour TFT LCD full colour dis­play with a touch ca­pa­bil­ity, so that all fea­tures of the CP1 are con­trolled from the dis­play, ef­fec­tively elim­i­nat­ing the need for me­chan­i­cal po­ten­tiome­ters and switches. ‘ Un­like its me­chan­i­cal coun­ter­part, an elec­tronic touch dis­play also has the ad­van­tage of al­low­ing the short­est pos­si­ble sig­nal path from in­puts to out­puts, thus en­sur­ing the in­tegrity of the au­dio sig­nal,’ DeSensi told Aus­tralian Hi-Fi Mag­a­zine. For those who’d pre­fer to con­trol the CP1 from the com­fort of their couch, it comes with a re­mote con­trol that du­pli­cates all the func­tions of the touch dis­play, in­clud­ing in­put switch­ing, vol­ume con­trol, mute and standby modes.

The OAD SP1 has eight dis­crete power sup­plies, four for each chan­nel, and in­put se­lec­tion is via high-qual­ity gold-plated Swiss-made re­lays. Once you’ve selected the in­put you want, all the other in­puts are iso­lated. Vol­ume and bal­ance con­trol is all achieved via a re­sis­tor lad­der that uses laser cut pre­ci­sion, low-noise and zero-in­duc­tion re­sis­tors.

OAD rates the power out­put of the UF1 power am­pli­fier at 200-watts per chan­nel, both chan­nels driven into 8 ohms. The out­put stage is com­prised of Ther­mal­trak bipo­lar tran­sis­tors that en­able it to have an ul­tra-wide band­width cou­pled with a high-cur­rent ca­pa­bil­ity. ‘ Thanks to the UF1’s unique tech­nol­ogy, in­clud­ing the lat­est in cut­ting-edge bipo­lar tran­sis­tors, the UF1 of­fers su­perb sound char­ac­ter­is­tics as well as in­cred­i­ble power and low level de­tail,’ said Rom Bey­erle of Sonic Pu­rity, which was the first re­tailer in Aus­tralia to demon­strate the new am­pli­fiers. ‘ An am­pli­fier must be able to cope grace­fully with im­ped­ance dips to 4 ohms and lower. The tran­sis­tors used in the UF1 are in a dif­fer­ent class from con­ven­tional tran­sis­tors in that the cur­rent gain is com­pletely main­tained over the full power band­width.’

Avail­able now, the Open Au­dio De­signs Ul­tra­fi­delity CP1 Con­trol Amp sells for $6,500 (RRP), while the Open Au­dio De­signs UF1 Power Am­pli­fier sells for $6,300 (RRP). For more in­for­ma­tion, con­tact Sonic Pu­rity on (04) 0950 4805 or at Son­icPu­rity.com.au. You can also con­tact Pure Mu­sic Group at www.pure­mu­sic­group.com or Open Au­dio De­signs at www.ope­nau­diode­signs.com

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