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Surely none of us needs to hear 76-year-old Paul an­nounc­ing that he wants to Fuh You, but that naive throw­away aside, this is a fine al­bum from the rock­star grandpa, as­sisted by tightly fo­cused pro­duc­tion from the ta­lented Greg Kirsten ( Fuh You be­ing the one track he didn’t pro­duce), who ad­mit­tedly isn’t averse to a bit of dy­namic com­pres­sion, though al­ways in the ser­vice of a song or its sound. Macca is get­ting ever more growly, but his song­writ­ing sup­ports this, and he has brought from his ex­per­i­men­tal Fire­man al­bums a con­fi­dence in pre­sent­ing pieces of sonic col­lage in ad­di­tion to the main dit­ties, so that a gen­tle pi­ano in­tro pref­aces the first song, while bird song and har­mo­nium set the scene for Back in Brazil, a high­light of beepy beaty sonic con­struc­tion de­spite its cu­ri­ous cho­rus of the sin­gle Ja­panese word ‘ichiban’ group-shouted re­peat­edly. A se­nior mo­ment, per­haps? Well, here’s to many more.

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