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Spend for a bud­get reno “Same as the kitchen: two per cent of the prop­erty value.” CB Lay­out “Stick­ing to the ‘rule’ of not mov­ing the plumb­ing can be a false econ­omy. If you get a bet­ter lay­out, it will add value. And you have to have at least one bath, es­pe­cially if there are chil­dren about.” CB

Tiles “Tile to the ceil­ing if you can. If you rip up old tiles, you’ll need to re-wa­ter­proof, which typ­i­cally costs be­tween $500 and $1000. Most im­por­tantly, never tile your bath­room your­self. It takes years for tradies to mas­ter their skills, and even ex­pe­ri­enced tilers can stuff it up.” CB

Paint “Mould-re­sis­tant paints don’t cost much and will fu­ture-proof the ceil­ing and walls.” Mur­ray Flynn, mas­ter builder, Art­built Con­struc­tions Toi­let “An in-wall toi­let cis­tern will el­e­vate the look of your WC to one of lux­ury.” JT

Light A win­dow should pro­vide suf­fi­cient nat­u­ral light; a sky­light is a lux­ury add-on. Down­lights are suf­fi­cient for a lower-value prop­erty; up-spec for a pricier home.” CB

Tap­ware “I pre­fer mixer taps for basins, show­ers and baths, ex­cept when there are young kids in the house, in which case I’d rec­om­mend reg­u­lar bath taps, for safety rea­sons.” DM

Fac­tor in stor­age nooks when de­sign­ing walls.

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