Fer­ment­ing: 24–72 hrs. Serves 8–12 sliced thinly or 6 as steaks.

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1kg pas­ture-raised or­ganic beef sir­loin Cure 1½ tbsp mixed pep­per­corns, lightly crushed

240g coarse sea salt

120g maple sugar or light brown mus­co­v­ado sugar

1½ tbsp fen­nel seeds

2 chill­ies, to taste (op­tional)

1 Pre­pare a very clean non-re­ac­tive con­tainer such as a small enamel bak­ing tray. Trim meat of any obvious sinew and most, but not all, of the fat cap­ping. (Leave cap on if you will be sear­ing and serv­ing as steaks.)

2 Cure Com­bine cure in­gre­di­ents to­gether in a bowl. Sprin­kle an even layer of cure mix­ture over base of con­tainer or tray and lay beef on top. Cover with re­main­ing mix­ture and rub cure into beef, mak­ing sure to get it into all the crevices. Cover beef with a sheet of bak­ing pa­per and weigh down us­ing a small plate with ad­di­tional weight on top, such as a sealed jar filled with wa­ter. Place weighted con­tainer in fridge for 24–72 hours, turn­ing beef ev­ery 6 hrs or so. The beef will firm up as it cures and re­leases liquid.

3 Re­move beef from cure; brush off and dis­card as much of the cure as pos­si­ble. Slice into wafer-thin pieces and eat as is or cut into thick slices ready to sear in a hot fry­ing pan. Be sure to sear the fat cap well too, and don’t over­cook the steaks.

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