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Prep: 15 mins. Cook­ing: 3 mins. Serves 4 as a starter or side.

⅔ cup (100g) peas

⅔ cup (100g) pod­ded broad beans

(about 350g un­pod­ded)

3 pre­served lemon quar­ters, rinsed 2 but­ter let­tuces, outer leaves dis­carded 2 baby cos let­tuces, outer leaves dis­carded 1 large hand­ful mint leaves

100g goat’s cheese

¼ cup (60ml) lemon-pressed olive oil (avail­able from se­lect delis and su­per­mar­kets)

Juice of 1 lemon, or to taste

Blanch peas and beans to­gether in saucepan of boil­ing salted wa­ter for 2 mins or un­til ten­der; drain and re­fresh in iced wa­ter. Drain again, then peel skins from broad beans.

Us­ing a small, sharp knife, cut pulp from pre­served lemons and dis­card.

Slice rind into very thin strips.

Sep­a­rate let­tuce leaves. Tear larger leaves into pieces, then cut cos hearts in half. Wash and drain well, then ar­range in a serv­ing bowl. Scat­ter peas, broad beans, pre­served lemon and mint over, then crum­ble goat’s cheese on top.

In a small bowl, whisk lemon oil and lemon juice to­gether to com­bine. Sea­son to taste, then driz­zle over salad and serve.

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