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M2O, or Moun­tains to Ocean, are a new Aussie com­pany with a mis­sion to end chaf­ing for good. With this in mind they’ve re­leased two new prod­ucts: M2O skin-pro­tec­tion an­tichafe cream and M2O skin-pro­tec­tion anti-chafe cream for women. The cream is de­signed to hit chaf­ing on three fronts; pre­vent­ing the fric­tion that causes it, re­liev­ing it when it oc­curs, and help­ing the skin to re­cover af­ter­wards. AMB tested both the uni­sex and women’s ver­sions of the creams. Both creams are pretty solid, thick, white creams that take some ef­fort to squeeze out of the tube (es­pe­cially in cooler weather). That’s be­cause the cream is en­dother­mic, which means it re­acts to heat - if you warm it up, it soft­ens. In prac­tice, this prop­erty is de­signed to help the cream form a pro­tec­tive bar­rier no mat­ter whether your skin is hot or cold. Most chamois creams on the Aus­tralian mar­ket are wa­ter-based and quite thin. M2O’s prod­uct is thicker and doesn’t rub in clear, and is dif­fi­cult to wash off your hands (which is what you want, re­ally, for a bar­rier that lasts). That said, we didn’t no­tice any stain­ing of our cloth­ing, so the cream came out in the wash. The idea be­hind men’s and women’s creams seems to be that be­cause men sweat more, and women have more sen­si­tive skin, some prod­uct tun­ing is called for. We tested both and didn’t find the dif­fer­ences to be stag­ger­ing, with both of­fer­ing very sim­i­lar lev­els of pro­tec­tion from chaf­ing and last­ing a sim­i­lar amount of time. In ac­tion, the cream forms a good bar­rier that lasts, al­though we did find that it dis­ap­peared af­ter a cou­ple of hours. It per­formed bet­ter than most chamois creams in wet weather, and we liked the tube pack­ag­ing, which was easy to throw in a bag when trav­el­ling to and from the trails.


- Easy to use - Washes out - No chaf­ing!


- Not as long last­ing as some RRP: $27.99 FROM: m2oin­dus­tries.com

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