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This is­sue we are go­ing to talk you through a few dos, don’ts and tips if you’re hav­ing trou­ble with your tube­less setup.

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Rim tape is one of the most im­por­tant parts of your tube­less setup. Al­ways make sure that the rim tape is stretched tightly across the rim and stuck down. If you’re hav­ing trou­ble stick­ing the tape down, clean the rim with some clean­ing al­co­hol. It is also im­por­tant to have the cor­rect width. You don’t want it too nar­row, so it doesn’t cover the spoke holes, or too wide so it over­hangs the side of the rim where the bead should fit once it is taped. If you have a tube­less setup on a non-tube­less rim, you may need to use thicker tape to build up the rim bed in or­der to get the tyre to bead eas­ily. Next step is the valves. Some have round ends, some are square or rec­tan­gu­lar. If you have a square or rec­tan­gu­lar one, al­ways make sure they are sat in the cor­rect ori­en­ta­tion and fit along the rim bed pro­file. Make sure they are done up nice and tight, us­ing your fin­gers only. Most valves have an O-ring un­der the lock­ing nut; make sure that’s there too. It’s al­ways best to put tyres on with­out tyre levers, but some rim/ tyre com­bi­na­tions can be re­ally tight. If this is the case, it is OK to use a lever, just be ex­tra care­ful to not dam­age the rim tape. If you don’t own a com­pres­sor at home, it is al­ways a good idea to give the setup a dry run with­out sealant in­side. A lit­tle bit of sudsy wa­ter in a spray bot­tle will help the tyre get beaded. Once you know the tyre will go up OK, you can ei­ther un­bead a sec­tion of the tyre and pour the sealant in, or you can re­move the valve core and squirt it through there. I would never over in­flate a tyre to get it beaded. You should never have to go over 40psi to get it to seat. Some rims have lower pres­sure rat­ings than that, so al­ways dou­ble-check what the lim­its of the whole sys­tem are. Once you have the tyre in­flated with sealant in­side, you might still have a few tiny leaks. The sudsy wa­ter you sprayed on ear­lier should show these. I will al­ways give the wheel a good spin and shake the sealant around to seal any small holes.

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