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Hope­fully you will have time to in­clude one longer en­durance paced ride each week. I rec­om­mend start­ing with two hours in zone 2, and in­creas­ing this en­durance ride by around 20-30min each week. Of course it is im­por­tant to in­clude some re­cov­ery weeks along the way, with de­creased vol­ume. Here is an ex­am­ple of how you can progress this en­durance ride over an eight-week pe­riod: Week 1 – 2hrs Week 2 – 2.5hrs Week 3 – 3hrs Week 4 – 2hrs (re­cov­ery week) Week 5 – 3hrs Week 6 – 3.5hrs Week 7 – 4hrs Week 8 – 2.5hrs (re­cov­ery week)

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