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Rock­Shox set the bench­mark for how a sus­pen­sion fork should feel and ride when they launched the Pike. Sus­pen­sion technology has only pro­gressed from there, es­pe­cially in terms of how big the neg­a­tive spring can be to keep forks sup­ple at the top of the stroke.

“The Pike and the Fox 34 all had big neg­a­tive air cham­bers when re­leased a few years ago, to be more sup­ple,” says sus­pen­sion whiz Ai­den Lef­mann of Cy­clinic. “Over time, sus­pen­sion ex­perts have re­alised that they can pull vol­ume from the pos­i­tive cham­ber to add to the neg­a­tive cham­ber to gain even more sen­si­tiv­ity.” And Rock­Shox have a very cost-ef­fec­tive De­bonAir kit to bring cur­rent sus­pen­sion per­for­mance to forks that are a few years old – even a Pike from 2014. For $69.95 this air­shaft could be the best up­grade you could make for your fork.

Speak to your Rock­Shox dealer about pric­ing, but this up­grade will not only im­prove sen­si­tiv­ity at the top of the stroke, but also sta­bil­ity in the mid­stroke. Why not get more out of your Yari, Lyrik, Pike or Boxxer?

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