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de­bate raged among Brock Com­modore and rac­ing en­thu­si­asts about which Big Banger is which, all man­ner of ques­tions have been posed. Be­low are some of the more com­monly asked ques­tions.

What does Western Aus­tralian John Far­rell have to say about which car he re­ceived from the Holden Dealer Team in 1985? Was it #05 (COM 6) or was it #25 (COM 7)? A: AMC tracked John Far­rell down and put that ques­tion to him:

“The car [I bought and raced] was the John Har­vey car,” Far­rell told AMC. “I wanted to buy the Bathurst-win­ning car and Peter said, ‘It’s not for sale, it’s al­ready com­mit­ted to the Bathurst mo­tor mu­seum, I think, through Gen­eral Mo­tors. I can sell you Johnny Har­vey’s car.’

“They brought the John Har­vey car to Perth in their trans­porter for the tour­ing car round [of 1985]. “I ran the car for four or five months in the street car se­ries – so I ran it on street tyres – and then Peter rang me one day and said he’d had an of­fer too good to refuse to sell it to Vaux­hall, who wanted to run it in some se­ries as a Vaux­hall. If I’d sell it, he’d build me a quasi Group A car which I could run in Western Aus­tralia at no cost.

“I went to Eng­land not long after the car left here. I had din­ner with John Cle­land, his Dad and some oth­ers at a pub on the out­skirts of London. They had the car on a trailer there, as they’d had it out test­ing. “I lost all track of that car after that. “And then time went by and mirac­u­lously the car came back to Aus­tralia as the Bathurst-win­ning car. It never was.”

Far­rell’s as­ser­tions are backed up by photographs of him rac­ing the car at Wanneroo

Wanneroo 1985

Wanneroo 1985

as #52 (#25 re­versed) with the same wind­screen banner as Har­vey car­ried at Bathurst. This banner had the ‘Com­modore’ sig­nage in black. Surely if the car he bought was #05 then he would have run with the #50?

Mag­a­zine re­ports of the time also re­fer to the car as be­ing ex-Har­vey.

Images of the car rac­ing in Perth in 1985 also show this car as hav­ing the same driver’s side mir­ror as used on #25, which was sig­nif­i­cantly larger than that as run on #05.

Far­rell says he was sure he had #25 as it still had the tell-tale signs of the dam­age in­flicted when Har­vey clashed with George Fury at Hell Cor­ner dur­ing the Bathurst 1000.

“When the car came to Perth the re­pair was

Above: John Far­rell says it was the John Har­vey car that he bought. The wind­screen wipers on the #25 car at Bathurst had a habit of tear­ing the wind­screen strip. Far­rell also en­coun­tered this is­sue.

Sil­ver­stone 1986

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