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Ford Mus­tang has re­ceived a rous­ing re­cep­tion dur­ing the early test drives of the hero car set for Aus­tralia in the third quar­ter of next year.

“It was sur­pris­ingly good. Very good. So much bet­ter than any Mus­tang you’ve ever driven,” ac­cord­ing to USA’s Au­toweek mag­a­zine.

The praise con­tin­ues with Aus­tralian mo­tor­ing writ­ers.

“This is a Mus­tang that drives like no pony car be­fore,” says Jez Spinks on Carad­vice.com.au

For Joshua Dowling, the hard-nosed car critic at Cars­guide, the car def­i­nitely made an im­pact.

“To para­phrase Crocodile Dundee, “Now, that’s a Mus­tang,” he says.

“I can’t re­peat in front of a po­lite au­di­ence the ex­act words that came out of my mouth hav­ing floored the V8 Mus­tang for the first time, but suf­fice to say I said it a lot.

“It’s a good thing Ford put big brakes on the new Mus­tang be­cause you use them quite a bit to slow down – just so that you can floor it back up to the speed limit again,” he en­thuses.

There will be four-cylin­der EcoBoost and five-litre V8 en­gines for the Aussie Mus­tang, as well as much-needed in­de­pen­dent rear sus­pen­sion and even a ‘line locker’ for the front brakes, to make it easy for burnouts.

Aus­tralian pre­view drives of the Mus­tang are not ex­pected un­til just be­fore the mid­dle of next year, although or­ders are al­ready be­ing taken with deal­ers talk­ing prices around $60,000.

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