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Fol­low­ing on from the XR GT Fal­con, and with more Mus­tang-bred in­flu­ence, the XT GT, de­spite not win­ning at Bathurst, be­came a worldly suc­cess in its own right. The XT Fal­con GT won the teams’ prize in the London-to-Syd­ney Marathon and was also ex­ported to a num­ber of over­seas coun­tries that you wouldn’t ex­pect.

Rapidly de­vel­oped for re­lease in April 1968, the XT ver­sion of the GT gained the more pow­er­ful 302ci Wind­sor V8, a beefy new three-speed au­to­matic trans­mis­sion op­tion, wider 6-inch rims, lower sus­pen­sion and heav­ier shocks. The XT GT was the first Aussie per­for­mance car to of­fer head­lights to match its ex­tra per­for­mance with the new grille-mounted Lu­cas driv­ing lights. It was also avail­able in a va­ri­ety of colours with black-outs and colourkeyed side stripes. So

ex­tremely popular was this model, sales dou­bled that of the XR ver­sion. A to­tal of 1415 XT GTs were made, if you don’t in­clude the one turned into an XW GT pro­to­type. Of th­ese, 1107 were 4-speed floor­shift man­u­als, the re­main­ing 308 were crui­so­mat­ics.

The first XT GT built was in Fe­bru­ary 1968, a lone pre-pro­duc­tion Po­lar White ex­am­ple al­lo­cated to the Ford Mo­tor Company it­self (code 3997) com­plete with a rare cen­tre con­sole (op­tion 32) and air-con­di­tion­ing. In fact, the first five GTs off the pro­duc­tion line were al­lo­cated to the Ford Mo­tor Company be­fore full steam assem­bly be­gan in March. There

were five ad­ver­tised colours avail­able. In or­der of pop­u­lar­ity, they were GT Gold, Po­lar White, Candy Ap­ple Red, Zir­con Green and GT Sil­ver. In ad­di­tion to th­ese, there were a num­ber of XT GTs made in non-stan­dard colours, such as Spring­time Yel­low, Frosted Pewter, Vin­tage Bur­gundy, Night­mist Blue, Jet Black, Starlight Blue, Stratosphere Grey and Bram­bles Red; plus three stamped ‘SPEC’ paint code.

A SPEC-coded GT de­noted a spe­cial or­der colour that wasn’t stan­dard in the Ford range. The three made were all sold new by Peter Wright Ford and it is un­known what colour th­ese ac­tu­ally were as they’ve never been found. We’d love to find out, of course.

All but four XT GTs had black vinyl trim. Of the oth­ers, three had a Parch­ment in­te­rior and one only had Cham­pagne-coloured trim. Some

of the popular op­tions that were or­dered by GT cus­tomers, in­cluded the lam­i­nated wind­screen, heavy-duty bat­tery and power steer­ing. There were a few oddball op­tions as well, such as one Candy Ap­ple GT fit­ted with a clock (Op­tion 30), and one Po­lar White ver­sion fit­ted with a fuel tank guard (Op­tion 44).

There were 78 XT GTs made with the vinyl roof op­tion. Un­sur­pris­ingly, 74 of th­ese were black vinyl, while four cars were ac­tu­ally pro­duced with a white vinyl roof! Of th­ese, three were Candy Ap­ple in colour, and one was GT Gold. Four cars with dis­tinc­tive looks, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Two cars with the black vinyl roof op­tion were

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