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SA short his­tory of why it’s there, how you found it, and was it save­able. That kind of info.

AMC reader con­tri­bu­tions may be edited due to space re­stric­tions or to pro­tect the pri­vacy of car own­ers.

No car de­tails eg. lo­ca­tion will be re­leased to the pub­lic un­less the own­ers have in­di­cated oth­er­wise. ome mus­cle cars are bought by loving own­ers who pam­per them like mem­bers of the fam­ily. Other mus­cle cars, though, aren’t so lucky. Some get stolen, smashed or thrashed. Some get parked and lost un­der a layer of dust in an old shed, oth­ers get left out­side to brave the el­e­ments and slowly rust away. Sad, but true.

We eye­ball plenty of beau­ti­fully main­tained and/or fully re­stored mus­cle clas­sics in AMC, but as se­ri­ous car pervs we have to ad­mit there’s few things more in­trigu­ing – or ex­cit­ing – than spot­ting an old clas­sic in a pad­dock, or a shed, or un­der a shady tree, that’s seen bet­ter days and in need of some TLC. Some are beyond sav­ing, but they all have a story to tell.

So, get out your cam­eras and start snap­ping some old mus­cle cars you come across in your trav­els that are def­i­nitely Out of Ac­tion, or close to it. We don’t want to know where they are and we won’t be pub­lish­ing lo­ca­tions, be­cause above all we must re­spect peo­ple’s pri­vacy. We just want to see some good, clean pics of th­ese for­got­ten cars and short per­sonal sto­ries to go with them (see con­tact de­tails be­low).

So get to it and let’s see what hid­den trea­sures we can find! For this edi­tion our in­trepid read­ers have stum­bled across some more lit­tle gems to share with us.


Chevron Pub­lish­ing Group, Locked Bag 5555, St Leonards, NSW 1590


am­ced­i­to­rial@chevron.com.au JPG im­age files should be no less than 1mb in size. You must sup­ply some de­tails to go with the photo. My job takes me all over the coun­try, which gives me some in­ter­est­ing finds. Most times my opin­ion is that “one day I will get around to restor­ing it". Th­ese were in the Greater Mel­bourne area. I spot­ted this at the rear of a wreck­ing yard through the fence three years ago, the pil­lars look like Swiss cheese and the floor pan looks ei­ther rusted away or has been cut out, just one of those "if only it could talk" sce­nar­ios. The other shots are of an ex­ten­sive yard that backed onto a pad­dock I was walk­ing through fol­low­ing a pipe­line. It is so large that it can be seen on Google Earth. Again, this was over the fence view­ing, the grass be­ing kept down with the help of some sheep: Fal­con wag­ons, Valiant wagon, Mazda RX2 sedan. I'm not too schooled up on the older cars pos­si­bly a Van­gard? Not sure what is next to it: Bed­ford truck, more Van­gards? Mighty Honda Ac­cord. XD Fal­con, Mor­ris, Valiants, VK Com­modore, Toy­ota Corona, HX sedan, Valiant, EJ ute, another RX2 or pos­si­bly an 808. I would say that as long as the wheels are the only things touch­ing the ground and it is closed up, some oth­ers could be saved. There was also a Valiant Charger in there (but my photo was blurry as s**t so I didn’t send it in) that looked fairly com­plete with no mo­tor and the bon­net up. Thanks for your time, love the mag. Daimin

If you have pho­tos and in­for­ma­tion fea­tur­ing Out of Ac­tion mus­cle cars and other rel­e­vant ve­hi­cles, please send them to:

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