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AMC in the Face­book age

When Aus­tralian Mus­cle Car mag­a­zine was born in late 2001 a tablet was some­thing you pur­chased from a chemist. Or what the 10 com­mand­ments were said to be in­scribed upon. When GT Fal­cons and GTS Monaros first hit Aussie high­ways, so­cial me­dia was an un­known con­cept. The clos­est thing we had to so­cial me­dia last cen­tury was split­ting up the week­end news­pa­per and dis­tribut­ing it around the break­fast ta­ble. Be­ing the youngest in my fam­ily, I had Buck­ley’s chance of get­ting the sec­tions I most cov­eted, the comics and sport.

Now, so­cial me­dia is cen­tral to many peo­ple’s lives, and not just the lives of the younger gen­er­a­tions. In­ter­net fo­rums were prob­a­bly the ear­li­est ex­am­ples to greatly in­fil­trate the mo­tor­ing en­thu­si­ast world, although their hey­day has now past, which is a shame for those who like a good on­line de­bate.

Although it’s not ev­ery­one’s cup of tea, Face­book is the most popular it­er­a­tion of so­cial net­work­ing in Australia to­day. AMC has had a pres­ence on ‘Book­face’ since early 2010 and I en­cour­age read­ers to ‘LIKE’ us if you are on FB and to share our posts.

Face­book def­i­nitely has benefits for both the mag and its loyal read­ers. Next­media’s sub­scrip­tions depart­ment of­fers spe­cial deals from time-to-time and we of­ten post images and snip­pets we couldn’t squeeze into the pages of the printed mag.

What’s more, AMC’s Face­book posts al­low like­minded read­ers to dis­cuss top­ics, in­ter­act, pose ques­tions and gen­er­ally soak up the her­itage of home­grown high per­for­mance.

It’s also a great way for us to pub­li­cise the mag­a­zine, spread­ing the word about the cur­rent is­sue’s con­tents to those who are yet to pur­chase it.

The down­side is that so­cial me­dia also gives a voice to those who abuse their right to it. The per­pet­u­ally out­raged and ig­no­rant are in­evitably the most vo­cal on­line. Such folk would be shocked by what I say next, but I’m not go­ing to sugar-coat it.

I’m not the slight­est bit in­ter­ested in the com­ments of those who have never bought – or will never buy – an is­sue of this mag­a­zine. Could. Not. Care. Less.

Such peo­ple who fired up on FB about, say, our ‘World’s Fastest Sierra’ is­sue – be­cause a turbo four fea­tured on an im­age of our cover served to them by Mark Zucker­berg’s mob – were wast­ing their time. Click­ing ‘LIKE’ on Aus­tralian Mus­cle Car Mag­a­zine’s page might give non- AMC read­ers the right to an opin­ion, but it also gives us the right to ig­nore it.

If that sounds harsh, con­sider this: how do we know whether a Face­booker is a loyal reader or some ran­dom per­son sim­ply re­act­ing to the photo we’ve posted? Or worse, that sad­dest of in­ter­net dwellers, a troll look­ing for a re­ac­tion?

I don’t want to dis­cour­age read­ers from do­ing the Face­book thing, as its pos­i­tives out­weigh the neg­a­tives. How­ever, we can’t al­ways dis­tin­guish be­tween the two groups – read­ers and non­read­ers. There­fore, if you’ve got some­thing you’d like me to know, the best way is to drop us a line to am­ced­i­to­

I’m all ears. I di­rectly mon­i­tor that email ad­dress and make it my busi­ness to know what’s on the mind of read­ers (if you’re read­ing this page, that means YOU). I do my very best to re­ply to each email, although I’ll apol­o­gise now to any that slip through the net in dead­line week. No apolo­gies for not re­ply­ing to those us­ing an abu­sive or dis­re­spect­ful tone.

Sub­scribers with a prob­lem should email sub­scribe@next­

Sales of in­di­vid­ual is­sues re­main the best in­di­ca­tion of whether the con­tents of a par­tic­u­lar edi­tion, par­tic­u­larly the cover story, ap­pealed or not.

The bot­tom­line: If you want the edi­tor of your favourite mag­a­zine to know your thoughts, email am­ced­i­to­ – we only pub­li­cise that ad­dress in the printed mag. So for God’s sakes don’t list that email ad­dress on Face­book!

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