1988 Har­vey/Bartlett Com­modore

Australian Muscle Car - - Top 25: Bathurst liveries -


Bob Forbes wasn’t en­ter­ing cars in big-time mo­tor races he was of­ten en­ter­ing cata­ma­rans for son John – sil­ver medal­list at the Syd­ney Olympics – in ma­jor re­gat­tas. The two worlds col­lided with the Nacra Cata­ma­rans Com­modore at Bathurst in 1988 for two race leg­ends, John Har­vey and Kevin Bartlett. The all-red VL had a sub­tle but dis­tinc­tive multi-coloured sail-pat­tern in key points that was highly-ef­fec­tive.

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