Strong thought-pro­vok­ing con­tent, myths de­bunked, facts only, no nu­dity. Writ­ten by Gavin Farmer.

Australian Muscle Car - - Slot Muscle -

was printed as a black-and-white book with three colour sec­tions let in which was nice but it meant that the images were not con­nected to the text.

Those per­sonal crit­i­cisms aside, they did not pre­vent the book from be­ing a good seller. Once the word was out that there was a book on the Charger, and that it was a thor­oughly well re­searched book, car en­thu­si­asts flocked to the shops and pur­chased copies. There was even a very lim­ited edi­tion hard-cover ver­sion that I lob­bied Reed Pub­lish­ing for and got. One hun­dred copies were printed and were sold out vir­tu­ally overnight!

Fast for­ward to 2014 and Ilinga Books has con­tin­ued to have en­thu­si­asts want­ing a copy. How­ever, by this time we had sold out. That got me think­ing about do­ing a re­print. A dis­cus­sion with Gary soon had the green light flash­ing.

The first thing we had to do was con­tact Pen­guin Books, who had taken over Reed Pub­lish­ing, and ask if they were ever likely to do a re­print. No, they were not in­ter­ested but for a fee Gary and I could pur­chase the rights to our book! Good, eh?

Once we had that sorted we went look­ing for Graeme Leather, the guy who laid out the orig­i­nal graphic art work. It seemed log­i­cal see­ing as how he was able to de­code the files that we were given off Pen­guin’s sys­tem, and he was avail­able.

For me, do­ing a sim­ple re­print of the orig­i­nal was never go­ing to be enough. Cer­tainly I wanted to raise the aes­thet­ics of the book – I firmly be­lieve that the ap­pear­ance of a book is a big part of the de­ci­sion to buy, or not. So any new edi­tion was go­ing to be printed on glossy art pa­per and the many, many colour images were go­ing to be repo­si­tioned through­out the book and close to where they were be­ing dis­cussed in the text.

And it was go­ing to be hard-cov­ered with a stand-out dust jacket that would fea­ture a coloured strip across it that in­stantly iden­ti­fied the book as an Ilinga Books pub­li­ca­tion.

There were some is­sues with the orig­i­nal text that re­quired cor­rec­tion, none moreso than the chap­ter on the E55 en­gine op­tion. In the orig­i­nal I had ti­tled the chap­ter ‘The One That Got Away.’ Peo­ple have been bang­ing on about the 340 V8 en­gine op­tion from Day One. From the avail­able in­for­ma­tion that I had to hand when writ­ing the orig­i­nal – some time in 1998/99 – it seemed that Chrysler was go­ing to fit the 340 into the Charger and go rac­ing.

How­ever, in the in­ter­ven­ing decade fur­ther

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