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When you ran the 911T/R in 1969 it was of­ten a one-man op­er­a­tion? It was not un­usual to take the car to the track by my­self. I had a stop­watch around my neck for prac­tice. At the ho­tel I would roll the car out on ramps and the man­ager would help me bleed the brakes… I un­der­stand the ARDC’s Jack Hinx­man wouldn’t ac­cept the 911 for the Bathurst round of the 1969 ATCC? Yes, that was de­spite the 911 be­ing FIAap­proved as a tour­ing car. I com­plained to CAMS and was pre­pared to lodge an in­junc­tion. In the end my en­try was ac­cepted as a sub­sti­tute en­try in a sub­sti­tute car!

You owned some im­por­tant Porsche rac­ing cars back in the 1980s?

I bought the spare 917/30 Can-Am chas­sis for a triv­ial sum. I bought three 908s and a road­reg­is­tered one for $11,500 on the road. Mind you the forged ti­ta­nium rear axles with slid­ing spine donuts for the 917/30 cost the same amount! It owed me $113,000 and I sold it back to the fac­tory. It re­cently sold for $4.8M. The com­pany raced all our cars and paid the run­ning costs, as they were used for pro­mo­tional pur­poses, but I ac­tu­ally owned them.

What do you think of rac­ing to­day? I find V8 Su­per­cars ex­traor­di­nar­ily ir­ri­tat­ing. I don’t know what it rep­re­sents any more. The same chas­sis, brakes, tyres, vari­a­tions in en­gines, none of which you can buy in a car in Aus­tralia. It has sucked out all the money from other forms of mo­tor rac­ing. As for sin­gle-seaters

Not ex­actly a rock­et­ship up the hill, but sec­ond at Bathurst 1969’s ATCC round was typ­i­cal of that year. In­set: With Alf Costanzo in His­torics.

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