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Ihave just been flick­ing through is­sue #87 of AMC and came across a let­ter sent in by Phil Gal­lacher re­gard­ing the ef­fect Peter Brock had on his life.

I can re­late to Phil’s ad­mi­ra­tion for Brocky as I still feel the same way to this day.

When I started rac­ing I raced a Wolse­ley 24/80 [Ed:!]. Brocky had been with the HDT for a while at that stage and he came up to me in the pits at Oran Park be­fore I was due to go out for prac­tice. He said to me: “You must be as silly as me.” He was re­fer­ring to me start­ing off in the Wolse­ley and the fact that he started off in an Austin A30.

We had a laugh about that and I did say to him that they were from the same man­u­fac­turer, I also said, “If the Wolse­ley is half as good as the A30 I will be very happy; nothing to do with the driver, of course.”

Be­fore he walked off, he asked how I was han­dling the track and whether I was have any prob­lems. I replied: “Just the Dog­leg; the car is very un­sta­ble across there.” I told him I was back­ing off just be­fore the Dog­leg, to which Brocky replied: “Don’t back off, hold it flat.”

I went out for prac­tice, closed my eyes at the Dog­leg and held it flat; the Wolse­ley went across the Dog­leg like it was on rails.

Brocky on sev­eral oc­ca­sions would come and find me in the pits to find out about any de­vel­op­ment’s we had done to the Wolse­ley. My ad­mi­ra­tion for Brocky started way back then.

I com­peted in three Clas­sic Ade­laide ral­lies, 2003, ’04 and ’05, in my XY Fal­con. I had the car on the hoist in the shed get­ting it ready for the 2006 event. I can hon­estly say my heart was not in it this time to com­pete, time was run­ning out to get the en­try in.

Some­thing I will never for­get is the news flash on the ra­dio that Brocky had been in a se­ri­ous ac­ci­dent in a rally in WA and was no longer with us. I was dev­as­tated as was a huge part of the pop­u­la­tion.

I de­cided im­me­di­ately that if it can hap­pen to Brocky, then I had no hope and stopped work­ing on the car im­me­di­ately and did not en­ter.

That was ba­si­cally the end of my in­volve­ment as a com­peti­tor, apart from some hill­climbs in my lo­cal area, the last one about four years ago.

When the sub­ject of mo­tor rac­ing comes up with fam­ily and friends – usu­ally how bor­ing it is now and that no one watches it – I al­ways think of Brocky and how mo­tor rac­ing for me lost that ap­peal.

Noel Delforce Lochin­var, NSW

ED: Great sto­ries, Noel. As an aside, could you hold your Ley­land P76 Sports Sedan flat over the Dog­leg?

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