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AMC: David, where did your nick­name ‘Skippy’ come from?

David Par­sons: Graeme ‘Mort’ Brown came with me a few times on the road. I al­ways drove with my seat­belt loose, even in a race­car, so I could move around. He could see as soon I was lin­ing up a car I moved my bum over. When I went to the left I would move it to the right and vice-versa. He said; ‘bloody oath David, you’re jump­ing from side to side like a kan­ga­roo – Skippy!’ And that name has stuck ever since.

AMC: You’ve al­ways been a tour­ing car driver. Did you ever have thoughts about sports cars or sin­gle seaters?

DP: I won an Auto Ac­tion com­pe­ti­tion in 1982 and had a run in Al­fie Costanzo’s Tiga (For­mula Pa­cific). Al­fie was im­pressed. The track was very dirty and I was on old tyres. I thought, how easy is this? They go, stop and han­dle! I was within a cou­ple of sec­onds of his qual­i­fy­ing time. They wanted me to race and I said no. I’m a V8 driver. Wasn’t in­ter­ested. Nothing like a V8, we all know that…

AMC: You had planned on rac­ing your white Com­modore at Bathurst in 1982 be­fore Peter Jan­son came along?

DP: Yes. The orig­i­nal plan was to run with Dad. Get a few more dol­lars to­gether or squeeze more milk from the cows! Then Jan­son called and I asked Dad and he said, ‘No, that’s your fu­ture, go with Jan­son’. I do re­gret not do­ing a long dis­tance race with Dad but that’s how it was.

AMC: What was your take on that time when Peter Brock fell out of favour with Holden and he be­came ob­sessed with crys­tals, en­ergy po­laris­ers and Dr Dowker?

DP: Peter was say­ing you could run your road cars with 17 psi (pounds) of pres­sure. But you would pull the tyres off their rims in the carpark! Dr Eric Dowker was a very good physio and he helped my back. The me­chan­ics thought he put crys­tals on my back! As for the crys­tals, well I be­lieve they do work. Look what Holden has now with mag­netic sus­pen­sion?

AMC: Talk­ing of Brock, I be­lieve you have a cou­ple of his finest Com­modores in your garage?

DP: I’ve had two Brock Com­modores for 25 years. A ‘blue pointer’ (VK Group A) and a sil­ver VK SS. I still have all my mem­o­ra­bilia – shirts, jack­ets plus my 1987 Bathurst suit and hel­met and a spare Arai hel­met of Brock’s, which Mort gave to me. Brock said; ‘Scal­lop’ (his nick­name for Par­sons), have you got the same head size as me?’

It’s worth a lot of money, but it’s worth more to me as a keep­sake.

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